A nanny from the Philippines - perfect childcare solution along with possibility of teaching English
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A nanny from the Philippines – perfect childcare solution along with possibility of teaching English

24 February 2021

English is spoken by people in most countries of the world. Nowadays, people who speak English do not surprise anyone. Moreover, it becomes a norm in most countries of the world. Therefore, it is now very desirable for children to learn English from an early age. Parents found a solution so that their children had the opportunity to interact with the language on a daily basis as early as possible – they hire a nanny from the Philippines to reach their goal. Why nanny from the Philippines a perfect candidate for taking care of a child along with learning English? We’ll explain.

Childcare along with learning English – why is it so popular?

There are many things that speak for the fact that children should have contact with the English language from an early age. We can hear this language literally everywhere – on the streets, in restaurants, shops etc. There are many objective reasons why English has become very desirable for children to learn from an early age. The main reason is that children have a much easier and faster possibility of learning a new language, thus gaining a valuable skill for the future.

Experts point out that the sooner a toddler starts learning a foreign language, the better. Children are the most effective in acquiring knowledge starting from birth till the age of 12. Parents who think about how to give their children a good start in the future, focus on their children’s language education from the very early years. They found a perfect solution for the children to have an opportunity to communicate English on a daily basis as early as possible. This solution is to employ a nanny from the Philippines. Such a person most often takes care of the child, teaches him the language, as well as organizes additional activities. Thanks to the English-speaking babysitter, the child is familiar with the foreign language from an early age.

A nanny from the Philippines – why should you hire her?

The demand for nannies using a foreign language is increasing month by month. Taking care of a child along with learning English is becoming more and more popular among parents who realize how important the ability to use this language is nowadays. The effects of such learning at home are amazing. That is why parents when looking for a nanny more often mark announcements with the “only with English” tag.

However, one might ask – why exactly a Filipino nanny would be the best solution? Well, Filipinos know English very well. It is their second official language. Besides, women from this country are always very nice, smiling, kind and open to the world. They are also very calm, do not tend to quarrels, and are also highly responsible. Filipinos come from Catholic families with many children, where the family is always placed first. This is due to the Filipino culture.

Filipinos are brought up in a tradition that possesses many values – they are faithful, conciliatory, hard-working, kind, sympathetic, and do not have too high expectations. They are not feminized, they respect the man and do not fall into male roles. They are also very caring, they like to take care of the house and cook every day. They are initiative, so you don’t have to ask for anything – they understand everything without a word. At the same time they create a real family atmosphere. Filipinos are also considered the most kind and hospitable people in the world.

A nanny from the Philippines – how to hire?

The Philippines is a poor country, so young women from there often take advantage of the opportunity to work abroad. It is a very good source of income for them. Nanny from the Philippines along with the possibility to teach your child English is a very good solution. This is supported by the fact that many Filipinos have higher education in their country. Filipino women are known to work hard to achieve their goals in life.

Labor migration in the Philippines is supervised by POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) – a government employment agency. In order to bring an employee from the Philippines to Poland, it should be taken into account that the recruitment and employment procedure is quite complicated. It is related to the preparation of a number of documents that must be legalized. In this case, it is also important to know Filipino law. If you show the willingness to hire employees from the Philippines, it is best to contact the WORKSOL Employment Agency, which specializes in recruiting employees from this country.

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