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WORKSOL Recruitment Agency operates in a domestic and international field of job placement services. We recruit and delegate employees from Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Nepal, Bangladesh and Georgia. Our agency WORKSOL exists since 2009 and every year we gain more and more entrepreneurs who cooperate with us. We sent hundreds of people from Ukraine to work in European Union. We are ready to supply you every kind of employee.

Our offer is addressed mainly to employers who wish to save on employment costs and to those who cannot find appropriate candidates for certain positions. We have 5 years of experience and database full of unique workers. We need few days to find specialists and qualified employees. Recruitment process is short and easy. We send you profiles of candidates who are suitable for a particular job. You can talk with candidates by phone or video conference. In this way you can ask him about all issues. It will be easier to make a decision. You have to weeks of probation to ensure that it was good choose!

We are also engaged in consultancy on the subject of employing foreigners in Poland.


The most prominent employees from Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia may be available to you today.

We guarantee the highest quality of our services in the lowest price!

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