Commitment a foreigner to return or so-called deportation from Poland

Commitment a foreigner to return or so-called deportation from Poland

18 September 2018

Commitment of a foreigner to return or so-called deportation from Poland. Most common causes of deportation.  “In the district centers employment has been recorded about 1.8 million statements of intent entrust performance of work to a foreigner “. According to information of Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy in 2017.

Deportation from Poland

People propose that in future more. And more often will appear situations, in particular, related to illegal stay of foreigners on territories of Poland.

In different situations and by different reasons, the certain consequences are followed with them. For example, a foreigner may be given ban on entry to Poland up to 3 – 5 years. What can lead to this? Read this article to don’t screw it up.

The most frequent occasions for deportation to may touch everyone:

– A foreigner didn’t left territory of Poland before expiration term of stay. That was given to him on basis of The Schengen visa (type C). Or the national visa (type D) and up to expiration term actions of these visas.

– A foreigner who is in Poland within the framework of visa-free regime. And didn’t leave the territory of Poland before expiration of 90 days of stay on territories of all. Or some countries of the Schengen Area in each the period of 180 days.

– A foreigner perform or performedе one’s activity without the relevant permission in a day of start checking legitimacy implementation of work. That is carried out by authorized body. The same issue appears, if the work would be made by a registered foreigner, who did it without the relevant permission.

– A foreigner is sentenced in Poland to a punishment of deprivation of liberty. And there are grounds for conducting proceedings in the case of his transfer abroad for the purpose of executing punishment.

A detailed list of 16 prerequisites for issuing an obligation to leave the country can be found in art. 302 of the Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners.

Which state body takes the decision about deportation?

The obligation to leave the country is issued to the foreigner by the competent local commandant of the Border Guard Department. Or the commandant of the Border Guard Service. (Article 310 of the Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners ).

Consequences of the deportation from Poland.

In the solution about deportation there is a determined term of a voluntary return. Time of voluntary return is from 15 to 30 days, from the day adopting of the solution (art. 315 of the Act of December 12, 2013 on foreigners).

In addition, the decision on the compulsory return of a foreigner determines the ban on the next entry into Poland. Or on the territory of Poland and other countries of the Schengen Area. And also specifies the period of this prohibition, which can vary from 6 months to 5 years. (Article 319 of the Act of December 12, 2013 about foreigners. Below causes and timing deportation of Poland.

Deportation of Poland from 6 months up to 3 years – in cases where the foreigner:

– He lives or lived in Poland without actual visa or other actual document. That is corresponding to him rights to entry the country and stay in Poland, if visa or another document is needed or was necessary.

– Didn’t leave the territory the Republic of Poland, after use of allowable period of his stay on territories of all or some states of the Schengen Area to which he has right to entry without visa, in each period of 180 days, and if international treaties not envisaged other.

– Didn’t leave the territory the Republic of Poland, after using of all available period of his stay. That is specified in the Schengen visa in each period of 180 days. Or after using of allowable term of stay on the basis of the national visa.

– Don’t have enough money that are necessary for staying on territories of the Republic of Poland.

– Crossed or had tried to illegally cross the border.

The one resides outside the frontier zone, where according to the permission crossing the border within the small border traffic, he must stay, unless otherwise is stipulated by international agreements.

– Purpose and conditions of foreigner’s stay on territories of the Republic of Poland don’t coincide with the application.

– It was adopted the decision about refusal to grant status refugees. Or provision of additional protection, recognition statements about providing international protection like unacceptable, as well as about termination proceedings.

The foreigner’s deportation from Poland in period from 1 year up to 3 years in following cases:

– In the day of start verification process of legitimacy implementation of work carried out by authorized for this body. One’s has been doing the work without the relevant permission for the work. Or statement of assignment implementation of work the foreigner entered in the register statements.

– He has been doing an economic activity not in accordance with the enforced rules in this sphere on territories the Republic Poland.

Deportation from Poland for 3 years up to 5 years will be in flowing cases:

– Goes the process of recording foreigner’s data (information) in the list foreigners whose stay in Poland is undesirable.

– Foreigner’s data are in the Information Schengen System for objectives refusal of entry if foreigner is on territories the Republic of Poland in the framework of visa-free regime. Or on basis of the Schengen visa, except exclusional visa that gives the opportunity to entry and stay on territories the Republic of Poland.

– He was sentenced to punishment in the Republic of Poland. And was devoid of freedom. And there also foundations for holding judicial proceedings by transferring him through border with a view of implementation of punishment that was selected to him.

– Further foreigner’s stay on territories of Poland will be compose like a threat for public health. That is confirmed by medical inspection. Or can be threat to international relations with another state or member of the European Union.

Deportation from Poland for 5 years will be, if:

– It is required by the reasons of defensive capabilities or security of the state. Or protection and preservation of public order, as well as protection of interests of Poland.

Cancel of the prohibition on entry.

If you were exhibited the decision about deportation, keep in mind that you can abolish this solution. Read the article of constitution «Is it possible to cancel the decision to ban entry to Poland? It’s possible”.

Author of the article «Commitment a foreigner to return or so-called deportation of Poland»: Michal Solecki.

Translator: Vladimir Slipets.

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