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Employee leasing

Employee leasing is perfect decision for employer who wishes to hire employees fast and inexpensively. Also, it’s highly flexible form of employment, thankfully to which you can effectively on appearing work demand in your company. It’s growth and fall.

Employee leasing guarantees an excellent frame in your company, zero number of formalities associated with hiring of employees. Recruitment agency takes on its shoulders any questions, charge salaries. You just need to monitor and manage employees. Employee leasing is highly flexible decision to hire workers.


Leasing of employees on the grounds of the law about temporary work


As part of labor leasing we are working on the legal grounds of temporary work that regulates conditions of cooperation between work agency, employer-client and freelance employee. Selection of a relevant agency in the case of employee leasing is a highly important, because we often trust a huge amount of money earmarked on salaries.

Recruitment agency WORKSOL has highly good reviews from both sides – from employers and employees. Also, from the side of our customers, who require an employee leasing, we expect timely payments and decent respect for the leased employees.


Leasing of employees  conditions of cooperation:


  • Recruitment agency carries out employee leasing by provided criteria of customer and by using questionnaires of employer and send to mail
  • Recruitment agency draws upall documents that are related to visa, living and legal employment of foreigners on the territory of Poland.
  • Recruitment agency is an employer for the temporary employee – is responsible for recruitment of employees.
  • Recruitment agency pays out salaries for the temporary employee.
  • Recruitment agency exempts owed contributions on social, medical insurance, incoming taxes and PFRON for the temporary employee.
  • For temporary employee our work agency is looking, placing and paying for the flat, if he requires.
  • Work agency gives out the VAT invoice for services of employer-client. It includes common expenses on employment of temporary employees and margin agencies.

* Employees by the recruitment agency are working by labor contract, if these type of carried out actions allows an employment on treaty instructions.

Legal grounds are following:

  1. The lawon temporary work with the July 9, 2003
  2. The lawfrom April 7, 2017 on making changes in the law on temporary of work


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