(Employee) outsourcing of services

Outsourcing means entrusting another company with tasks for which it’s responsible, and for which it’s accountable on the basis of the work done. This type of cooperation is based on provisions of the Civil Code, while the personnel employed to perform the designated tasks is subject to supervision and control by the contracting party only.

Some HR companies specialize in providing certain types of services, which they provide on their clients’ premises and at the location where their clients’ work is conducted (i.e. a jobsite). When it comes to our company, we possess a joint venture, Polish Welders Sp. z o. o., which specializes in welding, locksmith and fitter services, as well as road construction.

We also have a specialized company in the venture (Kooperacja Sp. z o.o.), whose core business is taking over and handling numerous production processes, both manual and automated.

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