You haven't been paid a salary in Poland? That's what you have to do to get your money
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You haven’t been paid a salary in Poland? That’s what you have to do to get your money

15 October 2018

You haven’t been paid a salary in Poland? What you need to do if a Polish employer you haven’t been paid a salary in Poland?

Read this article and you will learn next things:

  • how to make a complaint against a Polish employer who hasn’t paid you a salary or pays below the minimum;
  • what answer you can get;
  • why you should go to court immediately if you signed labor contract and you haven’t been paid a salary in Poland.

This article is based on the personal experience of one of our employees before he has become a worker of WORKSOL. He faced with a Polish employer who hasn’t paid you a salary on time and not in full sense. We will discuss his situation and how to fight with such employers. Also, we won’t mention real names of people and the name of the «swindler company». The main reason of such censorship is due to the contract that was signed by employee. It says that for any defamination of a company should be a fine of 30 thousand zlotys. A person cannot even openly express his opinion. So, you can see that is the look of today’s contracts. Be careful!

haven't been paid a salary in Poland


The one signed labor contract. He did everything as it should be. He received a confirmation from the company that everything is correct and that payment will be sent soon. As you already understood, the payment didn’t come.

You haven’t been paid a salary in Poland Instructions for drafting a complaint.

1) What first thing you should do when you haven’t been paid a salary in Poland? You must to check if the company is registered. You can check the presence of the company in the register on the website KRS-download (KRS-pobierz). Also, you can look through other sites. Verification is needed to be done! In case they were true scammers who wrote the fictitious name of company, you will save your time. You need to check a company name (the company name must be spelled out in your employment contract), KRS number, REGON. If you are sure that there is no information anywhere, then you must immediately go to the police.


2) Let’s think that the company really exists. You need to enter the name of your city in Polish in the search engine of Inspekcja Pracy (The National Labor Inspectorate).

On their website there is an e-complaint tab (electronic complaint).

Click on e-complaint. And go to the questionnaire.

3) Fill out the questionnaire. Enter email, name, place of residence, and again email.

4) Next, we describe our complaint and tell everything, with all details.

5) We also send photos (better scans) of all pages of the employment contract, a document confirming identity and other documents that you consider necessary to add. It is also advisable to send photos of the correspondence between you and the company.

6) We describe the data of the employer of the swindler.

7) Put a tick on the consent of the personal data policy. We send and wait for an answer.


Your employer can write to you in a couple of days with big apologies. He even promises that he will send you a salary this week.

Let’s suppose that this had happened. The employer took the mail of his employee and personally wrote him: “You should expect a salary in the next 5 working days”. But the salary had never came.

After 2 weeks, the one has received a letter from the Inspekcji pracy (The National Labor Inspectorate).
There it was written that in the situation with labor contract you have to go to the court immediately. It is because labor contact is not considered by the inspectors. Also, before going to the court, you can send a letter to the employer with a formal threat. If he does not pay the salary, then you will send your complaint to the court.

Our man in this situation lowered the situation. For it was about 200 zlotys. He found that the money was not worth all those trials. Moreover, the majority of employers create employment contracts with lawyers in order not to screw up again.

Have you signed contract of mandate (umowę zlecenia) and full-time employment contract (umowę o pracę)? Then the inspector checks the company and makes its verdict. From this point employer must pay you a salary.

You must remember these things if you want to get your salary:

• That you can quickly and easily send a complaint to an employer who you haven’t been paid a salary in Poland.
• If you really haven’t been paid a salary in Poland, the inspector will respond to your complaint. It will be confirming or not confirming of your rightness.
• If you sign labor contract and still you haven’t been paid a salary in Poland, you can send the complaint immediately to the court.

Defend your rights in Poland, if you think that is worth it.

From our side, we also want to add that most of our vacancies have been checked for years. We have warm relations with all our employers and no one even dares to deceive you in any way. In any case, you can contact us. Rest assured, we will demand justice for you.

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