Recruitment of employees from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Asia

Recruitment of employees from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Asia

Recruitment employee is one of the most important elements in management strategy of human resources. Recruitment employee from Ukraine is a WORKSOL’s dominant sphere of activities. In Work Agency WORKSOL we all believe that effective employee recruitment is to find a person with the best qualifications that are corresponding to the needs of your company.

It is important to consider the business plans of company, corporate culture, even while you are recruiting of employees. This is the basis that we use when recruiting new freshmen. Reception of employees-foreigners from Ukraine is the most popular way in Poland that goes after employee’s recruitment of citizens.


Staff selection – principles of cooperation (recruitment on a one-time fee).


  1. Recruitment agency carries out the searching for employees by a criterion that is provided by customer in questionnaire of employer.
  2. Recruitment agency shall provide the list of employees for employer on trial period from 7 to 30 days. We also give documents that allow legally hire a foreigner.
  3. If in a time of trial period customer refuses from further hiring of employee the pay will not be charged.
  4. After graduation of a current period (in the case of lack of complaints from client’s side) work agency exposes to the customer an invoice for its services, employee recruitment.

Let’s say that customer refuses from employee’s work in a trial period. In this way he won’t pay to a worker for his tasks. Client also has an opportunity for a free exchange of employees within trial period. He acquires a new trial period for newly recruited employees.


Ievgenia Bolotnova – head of the recruitment department

Besides, the spectrum of hiring services includes:

• analysis the bases of data from recruitment agency WORKSOL;
• accommodation press releases, internet;
• carrying out of interviews;
• choosing the best candidates.

Recruitment agency WORKSOL makes all efforts to prepare the best candidates for work to customers. However, taking into account an imperfection processes of recruitment, each client uses minimum weekly trial period and checks skills of the proposed one.

We offer workers from: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Philipines, Vietnam. Indonesia

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