Indonesian Workers The Solution For Your Business

Indonesian Workers The Solution For Your Business

4 October 2022

By: Fitri Worksol

The recruiting Agency Worksol is working in a branch of recruitment and employment on an interstate and international levels. We recruit and hire workers from Western European countries, Asia and one of the countries is Indonesia, which of course as we know everyone in this world has a dream to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world which is known as the destination “BALI” is heaven and the island of God.

Our firm is functioning since 2009. And due to this fact, with good team we can do all kinds of recruitment without any problem. We have a huge base of candidates and satisfied employers. Cause of this we can find an appropriate candidate for any type of work and guarantee good conditions for both sides. Also, we have clients that are looking not only for professionals but even workers without experience!

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest population in the world, which has human resources with different educational backgrounds. And at this time Indonesia is also one of the largest suppliers of labor in the world for all sectors. One of the destination countries is Poland, Poland is a country with the fastest growing economy, as well as the current fastest development in Europe. Making business continue to grow and companies expand their network, which with this position Poland can be categorized in the position of “employee crisis”. Workers from Indonesia can certainly be a solution to this, with the high interest of Indonesian workers to be able to work in Poland, it will be a very harmonious opportunity for these two countries.

Worksol group is committed to being a consistent company in distributing Indonesian workers in Poland since 2019, this is proven by almost all of our clients having Indonesian workers to help them in developing their business. Starting from Furniture, Hospitality, Restaurant, pharmacy, food factory, meat factory, metal, fabrication sector, and others. To date, the Worksol group has channeled more than 300 Indonesian workers to work in Poland in various sectors. Indonesian workers are one of the right choices for our clients, because according to our clients Indonesian workers are very easy to learn new things, can work in all sectors, although sometimes the language barrier does not become a barrier for them to work better.

So many requests for Indonesian workers by our clients prove that Indonesian workers have good values at work.

The recruiting agency Worksol is here to help! We will find professional personal of workers with needed experience. We have three recruiting centers: in Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Kępno. And at Worksol Group we have an Indonesian recruiter and an Indonesian Coordinator who work to help our Indonesian workers starting from the recruitment process to working, they will help our Indonesian workers so that clients don’t have to worry about solving problems that might occur in their place of work because of language barrier . We try to provide the best for all of our clients. Thanks to this, we are able to provide our services seamlessly and successfully throughout the nation.

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