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2500 - 2698 PLN netto

10 PLN / h

Simple works in the production of upholstered furniture (chairs, arm-chairs, sofas, puffs, ottomans etc.):
puttig on and taking off the machine cutted wooden elements, preparing semi – finished products
(furniture elements) for carpenter, packing etc.

2500 - 3500 PLN netto

12-13 PLN / h

Salary: 12-13 PLN (3,2 $ – 3,5 $)/hour. Simple works in the production of upholstered and cabinet furniture. Work in Poland general worker.

2000 - 3400 PLN netto

12 PLN / h

Salary: – 12 PLN per hour (3,2 $ per hour). Advance payment is possible. Job in Poland General Worker / Grinding Machine Operator.

General Worker / packer
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2300 - 4000 PLN netto

13 PLN / h

Salary a month is from 2300 to 4000 PLN netto (630 to 868 $). Job in Poland for general workers.manual packing into sets/multipacks of different items.

4900 - 5700 PLN netto

20 PLN / h

Ship welder, ship steel MIG 136 or aluminium MIG 131. • Employment period: job offered immediately under the contract with unlimited duration.
Ship welder – welds structural members and hull reinforcement – plate panels, sections and structural blocks of the hull, prepared and placed earlier by the ship hull fitter. The ship welder uses also gas burner.

2700 - 4400 PLN netto

11 PLN / h

General worker: Simple and repetitive works in the production of upholstered furniture: preparing furniture frames, upholstering (puting the furniture covers), packing, loading and preparation of semifinished products.

Upholsterers: upholstering the furniture (sofas, arm-chairs, sofa corners etc.)

Work of place: Jankowy.

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