Legal job as a butcher in Scandinavia - the outdoor set

Legal job as a butcher in Scandinavia – the outdoor set

5 November 2019

Legal job as a butcher in Scandinavia – the outdoor set. First of all, we are glad to inform you about the opening of the recruitment for a legal job as a butcher in Scandinavia. It is organized according to the delegation scheme. Vacancies for work in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland already open. Also, work as a butcher, namely in role cutting of meat. Offer for qualified butchers only.

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Legal job as a butcher in Scandinavia

Legal job as a butcher in scandinavia – the overview of butcher vacancy

First of all, we are recruiting candidates for the position of “Butcher” (pork, beef, lamb) to work in Scandinavia.
The duties of the employee will include:
• The first butchery – the cutting of meat (half carcasses, quarters), splitting and separating the primal cuts from the carcass.
• The second butchery – boning and trimming of primal cuts, meat sorting.

The rate is between 9-14 euro net per hour.
Employer provides housing.
Schedule: 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday.
Experience and a Polish work visa are required.

In other words, recruitment is in full swing. Legal job as a butcher – quarterly (3 months each) according to the delegation system.


Working as a butcher in Scandinavia – The difference between butchering in Scandinavia and butchering in Poland

Consequently, those people who have already worked as a butcher for cutting of meet in Poland won’t feel any difficulties in adapting to the technology cutting of beef in the Scandinavian countries. In addition, they use universal technologies that are used throughout the EU. According to our partners, even if there are differences, they are not significant.

Therefore, butchers will not need to be retrained. You will probably simply start working!


Therefore, who can work in Scandinavia for this butcher job vacancy?

Legal job as a butcher in Scandinavia is possible for anyone who has the right to come to Poland for the purpose of earning. It will be an additional plus if you have such permits as: a temporary residence permit, an EU’s resident card or permanent residence card (karta stałego pobytu). Furthermore, some types of visas can be used. Only by obtaining one of these documents you can legally be delegated to the countries of Scandinavia. However, we recall that this vacancy is exclusively for qualified workers who have experience in cutting meat. Also, there is only an opportunity to work as a butcher in Scandinavia at the moment.


I want to work in Scandinavia as a butcher – how to start the employment process?

Therefore, we remind you that recruitment is in full swing. The first stage of recruitment is to fill in this questionnaire:

Recruitment specialist will check your CV and Documents. If you have experience which we need, our specialist will send job offers to you. When you will choose, we can start the recruitment process. However, please note. If our specialist will not reply to you, it’s mean we can’t hire you.

In other words, be sure to indicate the length of service and the function of cutting of meat at previous enterprises.


Another job offers. Work in Scandinavia for other specialists.

Finally, the Recruiting Agency Worksol is aimed today at attracting qualified specialists from the CIS countries and the Asian region. Also, it is developing actively the issue of legal and official work in the Scandinavian countries and other European countries.

Above all, you can also fill out our application form and indicate your requirements for the vacancy (rate, work schedule, etc.). Also, we will offer you vacancies according to your qualifications.
If we open new recruitment for other specialists in the countries of Scandinavia, then you will be the first to receive information about vacancies.

Finally, link to the questionnaire:


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