CE international driver in UE

Dodano 7 March 2022

PLN 8000 - 11000 netto

USD 2036 - 2799

UAH 72727 - 100000

EUR 1856 - 2552

Short description:

TIR transportation of goods within the European Union.

Our offer:

  • Net salary is about 8 000 – 12 000 PLN per month
  • Hostel is about 50 PLN per day, or can always sleep in the car
  • Driver’s certificate (red paper) is done within 10 days. The invitation is made within 10 days. With this invitation, neither tests nor quarantine will be needed
  • Vehicles -MAN and DAF, Euro 5, Mega Sheer semi-trailers 13,6,1 DAF euro 6 complete with Mega Sheer semi-trailer
  • TIR automatic transmissions, usually euro 5 cars or euro 6

  • minimum 6 months experience and 3 years minimum as a CE driver, it is desirable to have all documents, medical certificate, psychotests, chip card and visa
  • code 95 is a confirmation of acquiring qualifications to perform the profession of a driver and placed in the driving license. The relevant entry appears next to the appropriate category of authorization to drive. It has the format 95.DD.MM.YYYY. The date after 95 is the end of the driver’s license. Therefore, the possessed qualifications should be extended by participating in appropriate professional courses. The standard term of the entitlements is 5 years. After this time, you must repeat the training (and medical and psychological tests) and replace the driving license with a new entry.
  • Obtaining an entry with the code 95 requires completing the so-called a course for the transport of goods or people – depending on the category of transport and the vehicles used for this. There are several ways to do this:pre-qualification course – intended for drivers younger than the age required for category D 23 or the age required for category C 21,
    accelerated pre-qualification course – intended for drivers who meet the age criteria and have a driving license issued after September 10, 2009 for categories C1 or C or September 10, 2008 for categories D1 or D or who want to start the course for the above-mentioned categories,
    periodic driver training – intended for people with documents issued before September 10, 2009 for C1 or C category or September 10, 2008 for D1 or D category and all those who want to extend the period of validity of their licenses.
    Pre-qualification and accelerated pre-qualification courses end with a state examination. Obtaining a positive result is necessary to obtain professional qualifications.
  • In order to meet the needs of foreigners interested in taking up employment as a driver in our country, training centers in our country more and more often have an offer of vocational courses conducted in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Thanks to this, even people without knowledge of the Polish language have a chance to obtain qualifications and start work. It is possible to undergo both the pre-qualification or accelerated pre-qualification course, as well as periodic training for professional drivers.

Accelerated pre-qualification:

is intended for people who are 21 years of age and have obtained or intend to obtain a category C or C + E driving license or for people who are over 23 years of age and have obtained or intend to obtain a category D or D + E driving license,
valid for holders of category C, C + E documents obtained after September 10, 2009 and for holders of D, D + E documents obtained after September 10, 2008,
includes a total of 140 hours of classes (130 theories and 10 practice),
theoretical classes cover issues related to vocational education in a given field (transport of goods or passenger transport) – incl. issues of safety, regulations, optimization of fuel consumption and environmental protection, service and logistics,
practical classes include driving in road traffic and on a simulator,
ends with a state examination consisting of 20 basic and 10 specialist questions.


applies to people who are under 21 years of age and want to obtain a category C or C + E driving license and people who are under 23 years of age and want to obtain a category D or D + E driving license with the license to practice as a driver and carry out transport things or people
covers a total of 280 hours of classes (260 theories and 20 practice),
theoretical classes include general and specialist issues related to a given category of transport – primarily applicable regulations, safety, service and logistics,
practical classes are 16 hours of driving with an instructor in road traffic and hours in special conditions (on a slip mat),
it ends with a state examination consisting of 20 basic knowledge and 10 specialist questions.

Periodic driver training for foreigners:

Citizens of Ukraine (or other non-EU countries) who have a driving license issued before September 10, 2009 for category C1 or C or September 10, 2008 for category D1 or D and want to work as a professional driver within the European Union, must undergo training periodic drivers. It is also a procedure intended for all people who want to extend the period of validity of their professional qualification certificate (obtain a new entry with the code 95 in the driving license).

Periodic training includes 35 hours of theoretical classes related to road transport and work related to the transport of people or goods. The lectures are divided into 5 seven-hour modules – the first three have an unchanging content covering the basic scope. The next two are interchangeable topics tailored to the scope of the driver’s duties. In this case, it is enough to pass the course to be eligible – there is no examination.

Additional information:

  • Departure from the base and return to the base, there is a place at the base where you can leave things for the next cadence (departure)
  • Most often routes from Poland to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, less often – to Italy, Spain, sometimes to France, Denmark
  • 45 hours break driver spends in the car
  • The driver pays only fines for speeding and possible offenses through his fault
  • The cadence term is agreed with the driver, but we prefer drivers who are ready to go on the tracks from 8 weeks or longer, then they return to Poland for 2, 3 weeks or more, depending on how much time they need – as agreed,
  • The driver must have a bank account in euros and PLN, because payments are made only to the bank account, not in cash. There are also bonuses, for example, for the kilometers traveled
  • The boss, if he sees that the driver is trying hard, gives 50-100 euros at his own discretion
  • We transport standard cargoes: auto parts, paper, products – we DO NOT transport ADR
  • We have client companies with which we constantly cooperate, so there are often so-called “in-a-row” drives – i.e. departure – return to the same place for loading – departure – return, etc.
  • We drive according to the tachometer
  • We drive mostly on freeways
  • Refueling with a fuel card
  • The driver must have his own navigation and safety shoes, everything else is available in the car
  • The driver has a work phone, he must report that he has done loading, unloading when there are traffic jams on the road, in case there was a late loading, etc
  • For the first trip, the driver will receive a trial contract, most likely on the basis contract of employment, then a 100% employment contract (umowa o pracę), it all depends on the first trip
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