Fitter of furniture frames

Added: 2 February 2023

18 PLN / hour

PLN 3000 - 5000 netto

USD 763 - 1272

UAH 27273 - 45455

EUR 696 - 1160

18 PLN / hour

Short description:

WORKSOL Group is a company operating in the HR industry since 2009. We provide staff to a leading company in Poland or we execute orders for them as a responsible subcontractor. Below, we are pleased to present you another job offer for the position of: furniture frame fitter in an upholstered furniture factory.

Our client, for whom we carry out the order as a responsible subcontractor, is a very modern workplace, employing over 1,000 people. It carries out its production in newly built production halls, thanks to which employees can count on very good working conditions. Excellent social facilities will make you rest exceptionally well during the pre-season. Material conditions are not the last advantage of working at our client’s plant. The work atmosphere and high culture in relations with superiors will make working in this place a pleasure.

Attention !!! We will teach you to do this profession, thanks to working in this company you will acquire new and valuable skills.

Our offer:

  • hourly salary: PLN 18.00/hour net – training period
  • piece rate after the end of the apprenticeship period. The remuneration depends on the number of products produced and the employee’s skills (approximately PLN 3,000 – PLN 5,000 net)


  • assembly of wooden structures for corners, armchairs and sofas in accordance with the instructions
  • meeting the assumed quality standards
  • manual skills
  • efficient and quick hands
  • no contraindications for standing work
  • good physical condition
  • no counterclaims for lifting weights
  • knowledge of the Polish language will be an advantage

Additional information:

  • bonus: depending on the amount of remuneration earned (the higher the remuneration, the higher the bonus)
  • shift work: not applicable
  • form of employment: mandate contract
  • accommodation: organized by us, paid by the employee (PLN 300 per month)
  • employee care: care of a coordinator who speaks your language
  • commuting to work: provided, free of charge
  • place of work: Piaski, 63-645 Łęka Opatowska
  • working hours: 5-6 days a week, 9-12 hours a day
  • legalization of stay and work in Poland: the possibility of obtaining a residence card / work permit
  • only for citizens of: Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Moldova and Uzbekistan
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