Home babysitter (nanny) in Poland

Dodano 19 March 2024

20 PLN / hour

PLN 4000 - 6000 netto

USD 1018 - 1527

UAH 36364 - 54545

EUR 928 - 1392

20 PLN / hour

Short description:

We offer work in Poland on very good terms to all interested people looking for a job for the position of a home babysitter (nanny). Our company has been operating on the HR market since 2009. During these several years, thousands of people from all over the world have started working with us in Poland and Europe. We also invite you to take part in the recruitment process.

What will your work be like?

A home babysitter (nanny) at home performs hygienic and nursing procedures and watches over the proper development and safety of young children.

Our offer:

  • fully legal work in Poland on the basis of a work permit and a working visa
  • obtaining a residence card on the territory of Poland
  • remuneration for an experienced employee from PLN 4,000 to 6,000 per month (it depends on the level of affluence of the family in which the work is performed)
  • free accommodation and organization of transport to work
  • organization of the entire visa process
  • pickup from the airport in Poland and accommodation in WORKSOL Group accommodation facilities
  • care of an English-speaking coordinator in Poland
  • free medical care in Poland

  • at home, she performs hygienic and nursing procedures and ensures the proper development and safety of young children.
  • planning caring, nursing and educational work based on self-observation and conversations with the parents or guardians of the child;
  • conducting games that take into account the proper development of the child (manipulation, movement, construction games, music and art classes, speech development activities);
  • ensuring that the child is provided with appropriate toys and maintaining these toys;
  • preparing selected aids for games and educational activities with the child;
  • supervising the proper development and safety of the child (providing appropriate equipment, observing the dates of medical visits, etc.);
  • performing hygiene and care procedures (washing and bathing the child);
  • preparing meals in accordance with the norms of proper nutrition;
  • feeding the baby and making it independent;
  • preparing a cot
  • developing the child’s hygiene habits;
  • administering drugs to children as prescribed by a doctor;
  • performing simple medical procedures (enema, disinfection, wound dressing);
  • emergency first aid;
  • taking care of the decor and hygiene of the rooms where children stay;
  • minimum 3 years of experience in working in a similar position;
  • very good command of the English language;
  • education in line with the job offer will be an additional advantage;
  • completed courses and training related to the job offer are welcome;
  • applicants should have a valid passport for at least 2 years and up to 50 years of age;
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