Other workers who perform simple work in industry

Dodano 2 February 2023

17 PLN / hour

PLN 3000 - 5000 netto

USD 763 - 1272

UAH 27273 - 45455

EUR 696 - 1160

17 PLN / hour

Short description:

WORKSOL Group is a company operating in the HR industry since 2009. We provide personnel to a leading company in Poland or we work for them as a subcontractor. This time we are pleased to present a job offer for other workers performing simple work in industry . We work for a Polish manufacturer of sweets, specializing in the production of waffle pralines, cookies, butter waffle tubes, formed wafers and products in chocolate flakes.

Our offer:

  • remuneration: PLN 17 / hour
  • in the case of working more than 250 hours + PLN 1 bonus for each hour ;
  • shift working hours 6: 00-14: 00; 14: 00-22: 00; 22: 00-6: 00 (possibility of additional overtime in
  • form of employment: mandate contract;
  • place of work: Byczyna (Opolskie Voivodeship);
  • accommodation organized by the employer – paid by the employee PLN 600 – PLN 800 per month and the apartment is close to the company;
  • provision of a complete set of workwear by the employer;
  • the opportunity to gain new professional experience and learn about the specifics of the work of the confectionery industry

  • packaging of finished products
  • production line service
  • packing, labeling sweets as well as transporting and moving them to designated places
  • production quality control
  • chores
  • execution of complete orders in the production process
  • ready to work in three shifts
  • performing sanitary and epidemiological tests (health booklet with negative results of the Salmonella test)
  • manual skills
  • accuracy, diligence, reliability and taking care of the plant’s property
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