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Seamstresses on furniture factory (with experience)

Added: 7 March 2022

16-25 PLN / hour

PLN 4200 - 6000 netto

USD 970 - 1386

UAH 35000 - 50000

EUR 911 - 1302

16-25 PLN / hour

Our offer:

  • Average salaries: from 4200 – 6000 PLN net per month
  • Paid working housing is provided – PLN 500 per month per person
  • Transportation to work and back
  • We provide freshers with a place where they can go through obligatory quarantine (As of 2020 quarantine’s demanded by Polish government because of COVID)
  • Work in the region where the heart of the Polish furniture industry is located
  • Most of large and small enterprises, which produce furniture, mainly for subsequent export to Western Europe are concentrated in this region
  • We hire specialists from multiple countries so you won’t feel alone! Surely, there are people from your country who already work there!


  • Only experienced seamstresses
  • During the first two weeks of probation period the salary for seamstress is 15.5 PLN net / hour
  • Then the rate depends only on you production skills, how quick you work (without losing quality) and desire to work
  • We hire only seamstresses with experience who are ready to work quickly and efficiently. Therefore, if you are accepted, then you simply are doomed to earn much!
  • Either you are specialist and earn a lot, or you are not specialist and we won’t hire you

Additional information:

  • If you are a seamstress who has experience in the furniture industry or just a seamstress with work experience – call or write to us boldly. We will answer additional questions, reserve a place for you, make an invitation for working visa
  • For over 11 years we have been successfully employing citizens of Asian countries (Indonesia, Philippines), Ukraine, the CIS countries etc.
  • With us you’ll get job in a stable company with many years of experience working with foreigners
  • We help you find your dream job!
  • We will be glad to see you among our employees!
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