TIG 141 GTAW welder (aluminum/steel structures)

Dodano 26 October 2023

33-35 PLN / hour

PLN 7900 - 9000 netto

USD 2010 - 2290

UAH 71818 - 81818

EUR 1833 - 2088

33-35 PLN / hour

Short description:

WORKSOL Group is a company operating in the HR industry since 2009. We supply personnel to leading companies in Poland or perform work for them as a subcontractor. This time we are pleased to present a job offer for welder 141 – aluminum. We perform work for the company, producing battery boxes, roof blanks, stairs, train roof sheathing for manufacturers such as PESA, NEWAG. Thanks to our cooperation with European leaders in the production of rolling stock , we guarantee stable work with very good pay conditions.

Our offer:

  • teach aluminum welding to people who have no experience in welding this material
  • salary: 33 PLN net per hour (first 2 months)
  • salary: 35 PLN net per hour after two months of work
  • cost of housing on the side of the employee 700-800 PLN per month (next to the workplace)
  • number of working hours: 10-hours a day + possibility to work on Saturdays, possibility of overtime (depending on customer demand)
  • work in two shifts: 06.00-14.00; 14.00-22.00
  • form of employment: contract of mandate
  • long-term assignments
  • place of work: Rawicz

  • welding by TIG 141 method of aluminum elements of wagons and rail vehicle equipment
  • selecting basic and additional materials for welding;
  • preparing elements and materials for welding in accordance with technical documentation;
  • performing welding operations by method 141 with maintenance of optimal welding parameters;
  • preparing surfaces, components and parts for welding, welding, brazing and cutting by cleaning and beveling edges, determining the mutual position of parts or properly fixing and marking the place of cutting;
  • operating and maintaining welding, welding, soldering and cutting equipment and devices;
  • Reading technical drawings and WPS
  • experience in 141 GTAW welding
  • Workers without experience in aluminum welding but good at TiG welding, we will teach free of charge
  • possession of a certificate of welding 141 aluminum GTAW (in the case of its absence, the possibility of its obtaining for a fee of PLN 1,200)
  • determining the scope of welding work after reading the technical drawing;
  • setting the parameters of the welding apparatus in accordance with WPS (welding procedure specification)
  • performing of welds according to WPS (welding procedure specification)
  • inspecting the quality of the completed weld, before employing the test at the work site
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