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Upholsterer in the furniture factory

Added: 7 March 2022

18-30 PLN / hour

PLN 4000 - 8000 netto

USD 924 - 1848

UAH 33333 - 66667

EUR 868 - 1735

18-30 PLN / hour

Short description:

Work in Poland as an Upholsterer in the furniture factory.

Type of work performed: receipt of a production order, completion of materials necessary to perform a production order (personal collection of upholstery covers in a semi-finished warehouse, personal collection of frames from frames storage, personal pick-up of cushion fittings, personal collection of foams, lids, stockings from the warehouse).

Foaming /preparing furniture for upholstering with covers (nailing soffits, felt, springs using a pneumatic stapler, cutting upholstery with foam with an upholstering knife, gluing foams to the frame using a spray gun, cutting and gluing the wadding). Proper upholstery / giving the furniture the right form and appearance using: upholsterer / pneumatic stapler, knife, pneumatic drill, upholsterer’s needle, scissors, flat screwdriver, keys and other necessary tools needed to make furniture. Cleaning, vacuuming, and twisting of the furniture for reception by quality control. Loading the furniture made into a trolley and taking it to the finished product warehouse.

Work in the period: for an indefinite period, immediately.

Our offer:

  • Working time: 8 – 10 hours a day, one change (6:00 – 16:00)
  • Possibility to work on weekends (additionally payable for work on Saturdays 50%, on Sundays 100%)
  • Salary: PLN 18-30 / hour net (max. 2 weeks – trial period), then the piecework system (approximate pay PLN 4,000 – PLN 8,000 net)
  • Form of employment: Contract of employment
  • A possibility to receive residence card
  • Accommodation – free of charge
  • Work in a dynamically growing company with an established position in the market
  • Comfortable working conditions and the necessary tools for effective operation


  • Vocational education
  • Experience: required experience in working in a similar position
  • A conscientious approach to the duties performed
  • Accuracy, meticulousness and sense of aesthetics
  • English language knowledge on communication level, which will allow them to pass successfully interview in Consulate and later communicate with future Employer (to understand and implement the instructions of direct superior)

Additional information:

  • We communicate only with selected candidates. If our recruitment specialist will not reply to you, it’s mean we can’t hire you
  • Sample video from working place below
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