Work for an elderly carer in Germany

Dodano 18 June 2022

PLN 7424 - 8816 netto

USD 1889 - 2243

UAH 67491 - 80145

EUR 1723 - 2045

Short description:

We offer work in Germany on very good terms to all interested people looking for a job as an elderly carer in Germany. Our company has been operating on the HR market since 2009. During these several years, thousands of people from all over the world have started working with us in Germany, Poland and Europe. We also invite you to take part in the recruitment process.

What will your work be like?

A carer for an elderly person performs tasks related to ensuring the safety and satisfying the basic needs of disabled people who are helpless due to their old age.

Our offer:

  • fully legal work in Germany as part of a secondment
  • insurance at the German health insurance fund (IKK, AOK)
  • obtaining a residence card on the territory of Poland
  • salary from 1,600 to 1,900 euros per month
  • free accommodation and meals paid in the ward’s home
  • organization of the entire visa process
  • pickup from the airport in Poland and accommodation in the accommodation facilities of the student / ward
  • care of an English-speaking and German-speaking coordinator in Poland
  • free medical care in Germany

  • taking care of the patients’ hygiene, help with washing, bathing and dressing;
  • taking care of hygiene and aesthetics of the environment: cleaning rooms and airing, washing dishes, etc.;
  • ensuring the cleanliness of bed linen and personal linen: washing, ironing, shopping;
  • preparing meals in accordance with nutritional and dietary recommendations, serving meals and feeding (if necessary);
  • bringing charges to the retirement home and their services, taking care of them during trips, walks or other forms of recreation, organizing free time, ensuring proper sleeping conditions and laying them down for rest;
  • taking care of disabled and elderly people, helping them to get up and put them to sleep, help with dressing;
  • controlling the correctness of taking medications, administering medications prescribed by a physician orally, organizing walks and recreational (exercise) activities, and caring for the patients in this regard.
  • knowledge of the German language will be an advantage
  •  applicants should have a valid passport for at least 2 years, age up to 35-60 years
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