Queues at the consulate in New Delhi

Queues at the consulate in New Delhi

14 September 2018

Queues at the consulate in New Delhi. The 2018 brought very big changes on the Polish labor market. The resources of labor from Poland and Ukraine are not enough for many employers. It was believed that workers from the region of Asia would fill the emptiness. Employers actively invite people from countries such as: Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, the Consulate of Poland in New Delhi, that is serving foreigners in the sphere of issuing work visas. This is extremely inefficient. Also, the hope of entrepreneurs for new employees is very quickly dying out. The queues at the consulate in New Delhi are extended from day to day.

Queues at the consulate in New Delhi – 25 thousand people are waiting for visas.

None of the managers had predicted that would happen! People who received a work permit in the following order would go to the consulate. They go to apply for a work visa. As it turns out, only four people from consulate work with everyone. The Consulate in New Delhi considers applications of 250 candidates per week. At that time, work permits issued by Polish state institutions would lose their force. After that Polish companies would have to re-do them.

It is almost impossible or like a miracle to go through registration in the e-consulter system for obtaining a visa. When seats in the booking system are vacated, tens of thousands of people are fighting for 200-250 seats. The chance of success is between 0.5% and 1%. Unfortunately, in practice this it is even worse. Registration in the system is very difficult. Because of the perfect “working” of the booking by the illegal actions of intermediaries and hackers! They are filling places in a matter of seconds after the system is launched.

Queues at the consulate in New Delhi


Recruitment companies and Polish businessmen are going out of the woods to attract workers from  region of Asia.

Polish entrepreneurs have been forced to do this for several months. Some information flowed out from Ministry, that hundreds of complaints and requests for a systemic solution to the problem with personnel support of the Polish diplomatic establishment. Dozens of telephones and letters asking for interventions were received by the Polish-Indian Economic Chamber. Unfortunately, it doesn’t affect the activities of the consulate. The chairman of the Chamber is trying to lobby for the creation of new jobs in the consulate. However, so far, his appeal has not been heard.


Urgent changes are needed in the work of the Polish consulate in New Delhi.

Fortunately, problems with the recruitment of employees from Asia are beginning to be noticed by Polish media and politicians. For instance, the rash of publications and TV shows devoted to this topic. The way out on topical issues seems to increase several times and production’s capacity of the consulate is improving through the work of other people to consider visa applications. The consulate also plans to transfer part of the duties to outsourcing companies in order to “throw off cargo” of the administrative deeds to external persons. This is done in such a way that the number of applications reviewed will increase. And it will shorten the queue for issuing a visa.

Polish entrepreneurs will wait a long time before the attraction of personnel from the region of Asia will become easy enough and accessible. The same situation is with employees from Ukraine. The problem with the recruitment of workers from the Asian region remains to be unsolved, and Polish entrepreneurs are eagerly waiting for system solutions.

Author of the article “Queues at the consulate in New Delhi”: Michal Solecki.

Translator: Vladimir Slipets.


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