Reviews about recruitment agency Worksol from employers

Reviews about recruitment agency Worksol from employers

19 February 2019

We are experts in the recruiting of qualified personnel from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Nepal, India and Bangladesh to work in Poland. Positive reviews about recruitment agency Worksol from employers is an excellent confirmation of our words. And actually, here you can get acquainted with these reviews about Worksol. We have translated official recommendations (documents) from the Polish language specially for you. We will also show their originals with signatures. So that you have no doubts that the recruiting agency Worksol is an honest and sincere agency.

Content of the page:

  • Briefly about the agency Worksol.
  • Reviews about recruitment agency Worksol from employers + legal sources of these reviews with signatures.
  • Your final opinion.

WORKSOL is an agency and outsourcing company specializing in providing integrated solutions in the international and national employment sectors. We are a 100% Polish company with 10 years of experience. The founder of the company is Michał Solecki. The company was founded in 2009.

We recruit and delegate employees from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Nepal, India and Bangladesh to work in Poland. Also we are engaged in aiding (helping) to a foreigner – more details in the services section. We specialize in finding and providing qualified personnel for the steel industry, manufacturing, construction and other sectors. We can also quickly find and employ people with no experience and qualifications.


Reviews about recruitment agency Worksol from employers

Only in recent years we have hired more than 3 thousand qualified employees for more than 200 of our clients. For example, our largest partners are such companies as ARCELOR-MITTAL Huta Katowice, BUDIMEX, MC DONALD’S, DRAGADOS, EUROPOLES, STIEGELMEYER. As well as the largest companies in the furniture industry in Poland, such as furniture factories Wersal, Benix, MIRJAN, Stolarz Lempert… Below we provide you with recommendations from some of the companies which we have been cooperating with.


Feedback from our customer, the company Dragados SA, about the agency Worksol – December 2014

“We confirm that the Employment Agency Worksol Michał Solecki, based in Kępno, at Warszawska Street 36, executed for the DRAGADOS-POL-AQUA the following works:

• The jointing of stone pavement with epoxy resin (KB) in Services Areas MOPs: 12.000 m2
• Installation of a highway fence: 16.000 m
• Sowing grass on the main road and on the slopes of overpasses: 70.000 m2
• Delegation of employees for work hours
• Cleaning the S8 highway after construction
• Manual cleaning of ditches: 3.136 m
• Installation of drainage pipes at 110 points in a total length of 750 m


• Cleaning of culverts along both the main road and access roads: 35 points
• Grinding of road gillies and covering them with asphalt: 176 inlets
• Sealing leaks under the transition for animals
• Spraying the cones of overpasses: 48 cones
The total value of works executed by the employment agency Worksol for the company Dragados SA exceeded 400,000 zł net.
The company completed its work on time and in accordance with building standards. Worksol is notable for its conscientious and fast execution of work, as well as flexibility in approaching the needs for labor.
We recommend Worksol as a business partner in construction and in a delegation of employees. ”

Below click on the link to the document to read the original in Polish with translation into English. It also shows the amounts and terms.
Here is the link.


Wersal’s company review about the recruitment agency Worksol – February 2016

“From the moment of establishing contacts in 2014 services were solidly implemented. The work of the workers was brought to the end with the full dedication of cultural and experienced employees to work. The kind and open attitude of the employees of the agency to the requirements of the client encourages us to continue cooperation. More than 100 employees of our company received residence cards with the help of the agency Worksol.
In accordance with this, we can recommend the agency Worksol of Michał Solecki as a professional and relevant partner. And to trust him in organizing services for legalizing living and working for a foreigner.”

Link to the original Wersal’s feedback document is here.

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Starga’s company review about the agency Worksol – February 2017


“We work with the agency Worksol from February 2015. The agency has great knowledge and experience in the issues of legalization of residence of foreigners and the recruitment of workers. Things were conducted by conscientious workers from the very beginning to the end with full commitment and concentration.
Summing up all our cooperation between our companies, I advise the agency Worksol for cooperation as a worthy and honest partner.

The original Starga’s feedback about the agency Worksol is here in the file.


The review about the agency Worksol from the company ZPHU ELTAP Leszek Dworak – February 2017

“In the process of our cooperation with Worksol, this agency has proved its integrity and well-deserved trust as firm that deserves a recommendation as a professional partner in matters of legalizing living and working of foreigners.”

The link to original review about the agency Worksol is here.


Reviews about recruitment agency Worksol from our costumer, the company SOHO STYLE sp. z oo sp. ka – January 2017

“Soho Style sp. Z oo, sp. Komandytowa, with headquartered in Wroclaw, confirms that the employment agency Worksol, with which we have been working from March 2016 in extending legal residence and work permits for foreigners for our employees, is a professional firm and fully performs its duties.
Cooperation between our firms has developed very well. The firm Worksol deserves to be recommended.”

You can read the original feedback document about the agency Worksol here.


CONSTANS M’s company review about the recruitment agency Worksol – February 2017

“We work with the agency Worksol from October 2016. Within the framework of the contract, the firm Worksol prepares documents and carries out all the formalities related to the legalization of residence and work for foreigners with whom we want to start working. Timeliness, professionalism and integrity of the services provided are the main advantages of the company. We also emphasize the merit of very good contact with the people who serve our company, as well as their competencies and dedication to the work.
Considering that was mentioned above, I recommend the employment agency Worksol of Michał Solecki with full responsibility, as a professional and solid partner in matters of the necessary documentation for legalizing the residence and work of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland.”

The original document of the review about Worksol in Polish you are able to read here.


Feedback from our costumer, the company JJ Rusztowania Sp. Z oo, about the employment agency Worksol

“JJ Rusztowania Sp. Z oo confirms that we have business relationship with the company Agencja Pracy Worksol Michał Solecki with its headquarters in Kępno. Zip code 63-600. Street Warszwska 36.
Our cooperation has begun on December 15, 2016 and is relevant today, because it turned out to be successful.

The range of our cooperation is:

– Consultation in matters of employment of foreigners.
In my case, the choice of the recommended agency was full of determination due to the proposed price of the service. The firm meets the expectations of customers and has affordable rates for their assistance.
Also the firm shows the same involvement in all the ordered projects. The contact between the performer and the client is carried out at the highest level of professionalism. No decision was made without coordination with the customer.
The professionalism of the company shows the deserved trust of the client. The recommended company keeps a high standard of safety standards.
I would like to highlight the problem-free method of contact with the client.”

You can read the original review in Polish here.


Meblomar’s company review about the employment agency Worksol – February 2017

“Meblomar (headquartered in Słupi) is pleased to inform you that Agencja Pracy Tymczasowej Worksol of Michał Solecki has been cooperating with us from 2015 on:
1. Obtaining work permits.
2. Obtaining permits for temporary residence and work for foreigners (residence cards).
3. Consultation in matters of legal employment of foreigners.
“Cooperating with our company, the agency Worksol proved that it is a proven, fair and trustworthy company that fully deserves to be recommended as a professional partner in the legalization of residence and work of foreigners.”

Confirmation of these words, you can find in the original document in the link that is provided here.


PROGRESS’s company review of the recruitment agency Worksol – April 2013

“The company Progress works with the agency Worksol from 2012. In the period of more than one year of cooperation our mutual business relations are still developing very well.
The most important thing in relations with employment agencies is money, which we will entrust to employee salaries. Workers who worked for us through the agency Worksol never complained about the amount of wages or timely payroll payments. Therefore, with full responsibility you can entrust the funds for the salaries of employees from the agency Worksol.
Very good counting, we may say. The cooperation between our firms is pretty good. The contact with the Worksol employees is also very good. We can always count on a quick and successful reaction of the company. Especially if there are needs for finding employees. With a clear conscience, we can recommend Worksol as a solid partner in business.”

You can follow by this link and read the original document.


Westol’s company review about the agency Worksol – April 2013

“Westol (headquartered in Opatówek) confirms that the agency Worksol, with which we have been working for more than 3 years, is fully professional and fulfills its obligations as agreed.
The employment agency Worskol regulates the salaries of employees at the time and in the prescribed amount. Temporary workers from the company Worksol gladly work in our company.
Worksol finds workers in time. Different professions and elastically responds to our needs in labor market.
As a result, the cooperation between our firms is developing very well, and Worskol is, in our opinion, worthy of recommendation.”

The document in this link.

The remaining reviews about the employment agency Worksol you can find below.

Your final opinion

98% of all our employer-clients continue to work with us to this day. All these reviews are the product of the work of the company’s founder, Michał Solecki, who has built this trust relationships with clients from scratch by himself. Honesty, integrity, responsibility – such qualities are inherent in the firm Worksol.


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