Seeking for workers from Poland? We will help you to find the best candidates!

Seeking for workers from Poland? We will help you to find the best candidates!

24 June 2021

At WORKSOL Group, based on 11 years of experience in recruiting employees, we can quickly find suitable candidates for any vacancy. We have the appropriate resources, knowledge, our own network of websites for finding candidates, and most importantly – a positive impression of candidates and employers from the cooperation with us since 2009.

What countries do we recruit workers from?

Workers from Poland

For employers from abroad, we help to quickly find candidates from Poland to work in the EU and other countries.

Our regular customers include employers from Sweden, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Finland and other countries.

For them, depending on the recruitment order, we find workers from Poland for various vacancies, ranging from finding production workers, builders from Poland; bartenders, waiters, cooks, confectioners; truck drivers; ending with Polish IT specialists (programmers, testers). We are open to cooperation in the recruitment of employees of any qualifications.

What are the advantages of Polish workers over others?

Over the years of working abroad, Polish workers have established themselves as hardworking, responsible, reliable and skilled. Employers are satisfied with the work of Poles abroad and therefore there is a great demand for Polish workers.

The work of Poles in Iceland, in particular, is a good demonstration of the best features of a Polish worker. There, Polish citizens are the largest group of migrants who have made a significant contribution to the country’s economy and continue to do so. They integrated into Icelandic society and made a positive advertisement for the image of Polish worker abroad.

The advantage of Polish workers, in addition to high qualifications, is Poland’s membership in the European Union and the absence of any work permits in other EU countries, as well as a high average level of English. That is, finding a suitable candidate from the process of stay to arrival in another country takes just a few days.

Interested in finding an employee from Poland? Fill out a short questionnaire and we will be happy to contact you, tell you about the details, and discuss other issues.

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How fast can I find an employee from Poland?

If the employer quickly needs to find an employee from Poland, we help him/her to do so as soon as possible. How we do it?

Steps of hiring an employee from Poland:

  1. Contact us by questionnaire or email
  2. Together with employer we determine the needs of the employer (which employees from Poland the employer is looking for) and the conditions of cooperation
  3. Next step is signing a cooperation agreement with WORKSOL Group
  4. Quick search for an employee with powerful WORKSOL Group HR tools
  5. Coordination of the potential candidate with the employer
  6. Arrival of a Polish employee to work abroad in the country of the future employer

Workers from Asia

In addition to workers from Poland, we employ workers from Asia to work in Poland.

We have extensive experience in employing workers from the Philippines and Indonesia to work in Poland.

You can watch the videos of our agency below to see how the recruitment process works.

Workers from Eastern Europe

We have been employing employees from Eastern Europe in Poland since 2009. These are workers from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries.


Due to the fact that the employment of workers from Eastern Europe and Asia abroad requires additional permits, visas and other documents, this takes a lot of time and is not always resolved positively by government institutions in different countries, we employ workers from Eastern European countries and Asia only to work in Poland.

To work in other EU countries, we help employers find workers from Poland.

Interested in Polish workers? Contact us!

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email: [email protected]

Author: Sergii Budim

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