Work for Asian truck driver in Poland

Work for Asian truck driver in Poland

12 July 2022

For many years, Poland has been a leader in international transportation in the EU. According to the portal, the share of Polish transportation is much larger than the share of the two closest competitors – Germany and the Netherlands combined. It is not surprising that Polish transport companies are constantly looking for drivers, the vast majority of candidates in demand are CE drivers.

At Worksol Group, we analyzed the applications of all employers for 2021 and the first 6 months of 2022. As it turned out, the largest number of requests for employees came to us from transport and logistics companies. The most popular position: CE driver.

Naturally, the greater the need for drivers, the greater the competition among transport companies in the search for an employee, and the higher the salaries they offer to drivers. However, despite the high salary, which ranges from 2,200 Euros per month and above, it is still quite difficult to find the appropriate number of drivers for all vacancies.

A large part of the staff of CE drivers in Polish transport companies, on an equal footing with Poles, consists of CE drivers from Ukraine. These are, as a rule, drivers with a lot of experience, who have been working for many years in Polish transport companies and carry out cargo transportation throughout Europe. However, these drivers are not in a hurry to quickly change place of work, because they either already have a job or have their own employment options.

Truck drivers from Asia to work in Poland

In accordance with the needs of the market, we began to look for a way out of the situation associated with the lack of an adequate number of CE drivers. The transport companies themselves pushed us to the decision.

Since we employ workers from various fields, qualifications and countries, and the greatest demand in Poland is currently for workers from Asia, our HR company started to receive questions from our client, whether we can find CE drivers for him from Asia. Over time, such questions from transport companies, whether we can find them CE drivers from Asia became more often.

We also decided to conduct our own analysis on this issue. For this purpose, we sent a question to the transport companies that cooperate with us, whether they would consider the possibility of employing a truck driver from Asia, and most of them answered “yes”.

Based on the above information, we would like to facilitate the process of finding a job as a truck driver in Poland for potential candidates, truck drivers from Asia or South America. Therefore, we have prepared a description, thanks to which the candidate can understand whether he is suitable for this vacancy or not, and if desired, get a job as a truck driver in Europe with the help of Worksol Group!

From which Asian countries can truck drivers apply for work in Poland

These should be drivers from countries where road traffic is on the right, as in Poland, and traffic rules do not differ from international standards. In addition, the traffic rules in the driver’s country of origin must be strictly observed and he has to be such a responsible driver. 

The most promising countries from where Polish companies employ foreign truck drivers are the Philippines and Malaysia. There may also be CE drivers from other Asian countries, but with work experience in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, European countries, etc.

Experience is the most important component

A truck driver from Asia looking for a job as a driver in Poland must have experience. As a rule, most Polish transport companies require at least 1 year of experience. It is best if the driver’s experience is more than 3 years. Employees WITHOUT EXPERIENCE ARE NOT HIRED for a position of truck driver.

The process of employment of a truck driver from Asia in Poland

A truck driver in Europe, in addition to a driver’s license with CE categories, must have several necessary documents, without which he will not be able to work in Poland/EU:

  • Driver’s card
  • Medical check 
  • Psychological test
  • Code 95 (confirmation of qualification for the profession of driver)
  • Driver’s certificate – obtaining a certificate for international road transport of goods 

Driver’s card

In Poland, all transportation is carried out according to the tachograph. This is a device that monitors the driver’s working time, mandatory breaks, etc. A special card which is inserted into the tachograph is a driver’s card or a chip card. The history of the driver’s work time is recorded on this card and the card can be read at any time by the traffic inspectorate or the police of the relevant EU country. Important: the driver’s card must be issued in the driver’s country of origin. For example, if the driver is from the Philippines, he must obtain a driver’s card in the Philippines.

Medical check

All employees undergo a standard medical examination before being hired in Poland. For the driver, this examination can be somewhat specific, taking into account future work duties.

Psychological test

A special test that confirms that a person is fully adequate and can drive a vehicle, transport goods and valuables, be on the road, etc.

Code 95

Confirmation of obtaining qualifications for the profession of driver or code 95. It is needed so that a driver from a third country, who is employed in Poland, can perform work in other EU countries.

To obtain code 95, you must have a driver’s license with category C, which was obtained before September 2008. In this case, code 95 can be obtained quite quickly.

If category C was received after September 2, 2008, then receiving code 95 takes more than 3 months. No employer wants to hire such candidates.

Driver’s certificate (so called “red paper”)

The driver’s certificate allows the driver to transport goods across the EU. It can be obtained after having 4 previous documents – Driver’s card, Medical check, Psychological test and Code 95.

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