Work in Poland for foreigners: how to find a good job?
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Work in Poland for foreigners: how to find a good job?

19 March 2019

Recruitment agency WORKSOL provides work in Poland for foreigners from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Bangladesh, Nepal and from other countries. Our company has been operating in the labor market since 2009. Thanks to our experience, we can carry out each set of employees efficiently and quickly.

We select the necessary vacancy considering the characteristics of the applicant and provide information to the candidate about the place of new work. Also, we take on our shoulders organizational issues. Our offer is directed to people who want to continue their professional development in Poland. Also, for people who are planning to move to Poland for permanent residence.

Cooperating with the recruitment agency Worksol you will find a suitable job for your qualifications.

Extensive base. On average, every minute on our page about four employers fill out an application to search for employees. Most of them are looking for highly skilled workers.

Our specialists work out for good money. The example that is above shows that we know the labor market in Poland for skilled workers. We know what money and what employers are willing to pay. Therefore, all our employees receive big salaries for their job.

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Work in Poland for foreigners is our main job and vector of employment.


We are a professional recruitment agency which many campaigns cooperate with: from building corporations to IT-companies.

And we can immediately please you. Working through Worksol, working with our recruiters, you will save money. Because you don’t pay money to your local agencies that operate in your countries that don’t know all the subtleties about vacancies in Poland and the work itself.

Also, for people who cope with their duties, we help to get a residence card in Poland.

Important! Due to problems with issuing visas to people from the Asian region, many employers are more inclined to wait for Belarusians and Ukrainians to work in Poland. There is the only option for people from Asia who have not yet been in Poland and do not have documents for legal stay (such as a temporary stay card) It’s Polish employment agencies!
Polish employment agencies have a leasing system, because they have signed contracts with employers for permanent recruitment. We recruit people without stopping. And in this case, we can wait for workers from the region of Asia as employers.

Work in Poland for foreigners. Where to begin?

The procedure is very simple and consists of 3 steps:
1. You need to send your CV to the post office [email protected] and also fill in the form — here is the link.
2. After reviewing your application form and your resume, we offer you current vacancies that match your experience and skills.
3. We call up and agree on the documents, terms of arrival and commencement of work.
And if you want to transfer to Poland with your family, we will show you how to do it correctly.

Work in Poland for foreigners – vacancies

Below are the most relevant vacancies for such specialists as a welder, a CNC operator, a mechanic, IT specialist and a cook. We don’t have time to post all the hot vacancies on the site but know that employers are already looking for you.

1. A welder (method 136 or 138) to a factory in Szczecin.

Requirements and concerns:
• To a group of welding materials FM1 (unalloyed and fine grain steel) or FM2 (high strength steel)
• Welding method 136 or 138 (MAG).
• Welding of sheet metal in the butt and T-shaped joints (experience min 2 years).
• To have experience in welding method 121 and to work with welding-tractors is welcomed (mechanization of the welding process using methods 136 or 138 (135).
• Also to have the ability of the detailed electrical cutout.
• To have the certificate of European sample. It must be obtained if you don’t have it now. We will go with you to the exam for free.
• The possibility of servicing a soldering iron or gaseous oxygen. The best thing is if you would have evidence that confirms this.

We offer:
– Prestigious work with a schedule of 8 hours per day + additional hours that will be extra paid.
– We provide a guarantee that you will have a place to live for the first 3 months of work.
– A good salary, which consists of a rate of at least 4,000 PLN – 8,000 PLN Brutto, depending on skills and quality + a premium of 10-20% of the basic wage. Also, there will be a surcharge for night work – 50% or 100% for overtime. In month from you will have 7 500-9 500 zł + paid vacation. Wages in netto from 5400 zł to 6 500 zł.
– Contract of employment (umowa o pracę) for full-time employment. Salary to a bank account. Full insurance and bonuses.
• We will help with issues concerning the residence card.


2. CNC operator job vacancy in Poland

Requirements and responsibilities:
• Lathe support.
• To know technical drawing.
• To know the Polish language on a communicative level.
• To do manual work.

We offer:
– Prestigious work with a schedule of 8-12 hours a day.
– Wages in the amount of 3500-4000 PLN (16 – 18.50 PLN / hour)
– We provide free accommodation. Or if you provide your own accommodation, then your rate rises to 2.5 zł net for each worked hour. That is, the rate goes out to PLN 18.50 net.
– Contract of employment (umowa o pracę) and a number of bonuses.


3. For a mechanic to work in the Chojnice (Poland)

Requirements and responsibilities:
• The ability to read technical drawing very well.
• To use a burner and other plumbing tools.
• To know well the Polish language in order to understand the commands of a boss.
• The candidate runs pre-employment locksmith skills test. It is a test to understand your electrician skills in the workplace. We will accompany you.

We offer:
– Prestigious work with a schedule of 8-12 hours a day.
– Salary: 5000-6000 PLN (21-24 PLN / hour).
– We provide a free place to live. Or if you have your own house the rate increases by 3 zł net per hour. That is the rate of 24 zł net per hour of work.


4. IT specialist Frontend Developer

List of obligations and requirements:
• Co-design and co-create applications, components, and services.
• Maintenance of high-quality code, maintenance, and updating of documentation associated with the project.
• You need higher education in the direction of “information technology” and knowledge of object-oriented programming.
• Very good knowledge: HTML 5 and CSS 3, React.js framework, Redux technology, HTTP protocol.
• Good knowledge of “javascript” related issues, including ES2015 + standard and TypeScript.
• Ability to work in Linux, using the GIT version control system.
• Knowledge of English at the communicative level; reading and understanding of technical documentation; well knowledge of Polish.
• At least 3 years’ experience in implementing IT projects.
• It will be a plus for you if you are familiar with .net Core, MVC, or knowledge of the UML language.

We offer:
• Salary: from 10 000 – 13 000 PLN Brutto (without tax in dollars $ 2000 – $ 2650). We accept salary offers from you.
• Employment contract (umowa o pracę), full-time (8 hours per day, 40 hours for the whole week). Full bonus package.
• Support experienced software developers and architects.
• Good experiences in a comfortable team and advanced training.


5. Cook to work in a restaurant in Poland

Requirements and responsibilities:
• Need a work visa for 4 months. There is the possibility of employment for full biometric.
• It is desirable to have a higher education, but most importantly — the skills and experience.

We offer:
• An interesting job in shifts.
• Wages in the amount of 2500 – 4000 PLN (16 PLN / hour). Moreover, after 2-4 weeks the rate will be higher — 21,73 zł Brutto (16 z ł net)
• From the employer will free place to live. You pay only for utilities — a maximum of 300 zł per month.


Other current vacancies you can see here.

Also, we recommend filling out this form. Spend a bit of your time to be the first to get all the latest vacancies. First of all, we offer our new job offers to people who filled out our application form and sent their CV to the email [email protected]

Authors of the article “Work in Poland for foreigners: how to find a good job?”:
– Alexander Kutyanin
– Vladimir Slipets


How to work in Poland according to your qualification?

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