Employees from the Philippines - hard-working people
#Employees from the Philippines

Employees from the Philippines – hard-working people

9 September 2019

A majority of the Polish entrepreneurs wrestles with a problem of a lack of employees and their large rotation. Facing up these problems that unable the employers maintaining stabilization in a company, one shall consider recruitment of the labour force from the Philippines. The employees from the Philippines, apart from the employees from Ukraine and other Asian states, recently are one of the most popular directions of recruitment.

Hard-working Philippines

The Philippines are situated in the South-Eastern part of Asia and they lie on the Philippines archipelago, on the Pacific. Almost 106 million people live in the Philippines, which places the country on the 13 place in the world taking into account the population. This gives our employer and the recruitment company huge resources of the labour force.

 employees from the Philippines

Full of the joy of life Philippines

The Philippines are a poor country; however people living there are an example of people spreading smile and the joy of life. The Philippines consider Poles very rich people and they willingly have them as guests in their country. Over 80% people on the Philippines are Catholics and this is the only Catholic state in the South-Eastern Asia; therefore Poland is very close for the Philippine from the cultural point of view.

 employees from the Philippines

The employees from the Philippines with little demands

The Philippines are in majority Catholics, and their official language is English, which significantly facilitates the cooperation with the Polish entrepreneur. The employees from the Philippines are specialist in hotel industry, as well as they are also strongly related with the maritime economy. The Philippines are very hard-working people who do not have requirements at such a high level as the employees from Ukraine. The employees from the Philippines very quickly adapt to the conditions existing in Poland, even the atmospheric conditions do not constitute an obstacle for them. As at the moment approx. 10 million of the citizens of the Philippines migrate for work. For the Philippines the most important is that the employer is loyal towards them. A very important fact is that the interest of the Philippines with work in Poland is bigger and bigger.


The Polish economy …

A vast part of the Polish companies limits the number of orders they could carry out, and this significantly slows down development of the enterprise. The main reason for doing so is a lack of the sufficient amount of the employees. The Polish economy needs supplying with the labour force from abroad. The employees from the Philippines constitute a proposal for solving of the problems of the Polish entrepreneurs. It is very important that the Philippines speak English, which does not constitute a language barrier for the potential employers.


 builders from the Philippines

Legality of work

Labour migration at the Philippines is supervised by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) – a government employment agency. In the case of showing willingness of employment of the employees from the Philippines, it would be the best to address the Employment Agency WORKSOL. The most important element is the knowledge of the principles of importing of the Philippines employees. The basis for the legal work in Poland is the knowledge of the Philippines law, as well as the knowledge on the recruitment of the employees from the Philippines.

Employing of the Philippine for sure is related with a longer period of waiting compared to the employee from Ukraine, however this is a process that may bring in much more benefits for the employer than in the other case. The basis for employment of the employees from the Philippines is a work permit from the Province Governor. The permit gives the Philippine a possibility of legal work in Poland. Obtaining of the work permit should not last longer than 3 months, if the application does not require any corrections. The permit shall be provided to the foreigner who may commence to apply for a visa. In order to work legally in Poland, the foreigner also needs to stay in Poland legally, and such a possibility is given by the visa.

 Workers from the Philippines at the construction site

Obligations of the employer:

The entrepreneur is obliged to provide the employees from the Philippines with :

– a contract for at least one year;
– remuneration at the level of at least the lowest national wage binding in Poland, in a given period;
– accommodation;
– health insurance;
– a coordinator who will communicate with the employee in English.

author of the article: Valentyna Oskolok

mail: [email protected]

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