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Agency Worksol is working in a branch of recruitment and employment on an interstate and international levels.

Our firm is functioning since 2009. And due to this fact, we can do all kinds of recruitment without any problem. We have a huge base of candidates and satisfied employers. Cause of this we can find an appropriate candidate for any type of work and guarantee good conditions for both sides.

Our history

WORKSOL Group was established in 2009 as the Temporary Employment Agency WORKSOL Michał Solecki. From the very beginning, the company provided services in the HR industry. Like many enterprises established at that time, we focused on recruiting employees from Ukraine and other CIS countries to work in Poland. The recruitment of foreigners also forced us to quickly acquire knowledge in the field of legalizing the stay and work of our foreign employees. Very soon, other companies began to commission us with the tasks of legalizing the work of foreigners employed directly in their companies, hence very good specialists in this field appeared in our company.
In 2012, as part of the construction of highways and expressways for Euro 2012, we entered a road contract for the first time as a subcontractor, carrying out many responsible works with our own staff. With the implementation of the road contract, we have shown that we can also build and manage teams of people, taking responsibility for the work performed.
In 2016, our company opened its first branches outside the company's headquarters. Wrocław and Warsaw were the first steps of expansion on the domestic market. In 2017, we established our first foreign office in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2018, we brought the first group of a dozen or so employees from Nepal and Bangladesh. From 2019, we focused on the South-East Asia and Oceania market. In particular, we have successfully implemented personnel recruitment from the Philippines and Indonesia. We also expect the first employees from Vietnam to arrive soon. In 2019, as a subcontractor, we also completed a very responsible project "Modernization of the dedusting system in the steel plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza" worth over PLN 2 million. During this project, we showed ourselves as a company able to find qualified staff of several dozen specialists who are fully equipped and trained, ready to lead a very responsible project.
We are entering 2020 with new ideas, wanting to implement, first of all, the model of posting foreigners to the EU and further development of the recruitment of employees from Asia, of course not forgetting about the foundations of the company, i.e. recruiting employees from the East and legalizing the stay and work of foreigners.
Our achievements
Employees found work thanks to our participation

Employees found work thanks to our participation

Of clients continue to cooperate with us after the first year

Of clients continue to cooperate with us after the first year

Companies have taken advantage of our recruitment services

Companies have taken advantage of our recruitment services

Clients satisfaction

Clients satisfaction

We are trusted
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