Recruitment of labour force from the East for the purposes of IT industry
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Recruitment of labour force from the East for the purposes of IT industry

13 April 2018

Recruitment of labour force from the East for the purposes of IT industry is the only remedy for the shortage of human resources in the Polish labour market. That is why the inflow of highly qualified labour force the East has not bypassed the IT industry. Programmers, graphic designers and many other IT specialists, along with an army of construction and seasonal workers from Ukraine, began to arrive in Poland. It is widely believed that in such countries as: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia very good IT specialists can be found. 

To offer our customers our recruitment services and the supply of qualified personnel, we hired a Team Manger, a specialist from the IT industry, who built teams made up of web project and SQL database specialists. Consequently we have deep insight into the situation and we know who should be presented to our customers to satisfy their special staffing needs.

We offer you candidates who are specialists in the following areas:

  • Graphic designer
  • Front End – various levels of advancement
  • Back End – various levels of advancement
  • PHP Programmer / Web Developer
  • Software Tester
  • IT Administrator
  • Business and system analyst
  • JavaScript Developer
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media – Content Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • C# .NET Programmer


It is worthwhile to use our services because we guarantee our customers:

  •  Fast order execution
  • Long-term recruitment experience
  • Knowledge of IT industry
  • We offer personnel lease and outsourcing
  • We offer comprehensive services to our customers
  • Customer care exercised by Co-ordinator



  • We have an extensive database of qualified personnel from the IT industry – our recruiters come from IT industry
  • Our IT recruiters respect your time. That it why we offer you only selected candidates.
  • We work for our customers as they want it.
  • The fee for recruitment services is calculated only after the candidate has been accepted and he has completed the trial period. That is why we offer tailor-made candidates.
  • The fee for recruitment services is accrued only after the candidate has been accepted and the trial period has been completed.


We can boast of successes

  • 14 credentials with positive opinions
  • 48 IT professionals recruited
  • 26 new IT workers every month in out database

We offer our customers two types of services involving the recruitment of the IT personnel from the East:

1. Recruitment services with one-off fee (for personnel selection)

Rules of co-operation under personnel selection option:

  • iWORKSOL searches for personnel according to the criteria provided by the customer via IT-employer questionnaire.
  • Alos iWORKSOL carries out preliminary personnel classification using its own or customer provided qualifications tests
  • iWORKSOL delivers in short-term the selected candidate to the workplace.
  • Lastly iWORKSOL guarantees at least a two-week trial period for the candidates offered by us.
  • If necessary, iWORSKOL searches, accommodates and pays for the accommodation of personnel and provides personnel with full support during relocation


The recruitment of IT personnel from the East is targeted at the Customers search for specialists and have an idea to take advantage of the human resources from the Eastern countries such as: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Since we keep in constant touch with hundreds of IT professionals, we are able to recruit any specialist desired by our customers.

2. Personnel lease (temp staff)

Rules of co-operation under personnel lease option:

  • The employment agency is responsible for personnel recruitment and selection
  • Formalities related to visa, stay and legal employment of foreigners in the Republic of Poland
  • Employment under employment contract or civil law contracts
  • Coverage of costs and fees related to payments of: social security contributions, contributions to the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, to tax dues to the tax office
  • Delegation of duties related to the Social Insurance Institution, taxes, keeping HR and payroll documentation and personnel administration
  • An option to test an employee before signing an employment contract with him
  • Keeping of personnel documentation
  • To control documents related to the stay of foreigners in Poland
  • Wage calculation and payment
  • Comprehensive care for the personnel during their stay in the territory of Poland

For the candidates selected by our customers we arrange:

  • legalization of their stay and employment in Poland
  • Work commuting
  • Accommodation
  • OH&S training
  • Incentive programmes
  • Language courses
  • A gym with a coach
  • Round-the-clock telephone care exercised by the Co-ordinator.
  • Comprehensive support during the first period of stay in Poland

You are only 3 steps away from taking advantage of our service

  • Get in touch with us to learn more details about iWORKSOL offer.
  • Complete and sign the recruitment contract and wait for 5 days until we present candidates for you.


Pick up the best candidates for your company.

Recruitment of labour force from the East for the purposes of IT industry

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