Employees from Indonesia
#Employees from Indonesia

Employees from Indonesia

26 August 2019

The present situation on the Polish market shows that the labour force coming from Ukraine is too little. The more and more popular becomes obtaining of employees from the Asian market. The employees from Indonesia constitute one of the more prospective directions of recruitment.

Indonesia is located in the South-Eastern Asia. This is the largest island country, comprising over 13 thousand of islands. Indonesia is placed on the fourth place, taking into account the number of citizens (over 260 million). In Jakarta – the capital of the country, there live almost 32 million people, which may be compared to Poland, where over 38 million people live. The flag of Indonesia is simply the opposite of the Polish flag.

This year in Poland the lowest unemployment in the history was noted, which maintains at the level of 3.5 percent. Additionally, Poles’ aversion to some jobs results in that the employers more often reach for the employees from the Far East.


Islam is the main religion of Indonesia, however there are a dozen or so millions of Catholics

A majority of the employees from Indonesia will belong to the group of unqualified persons, however, a part of the employees will have experience at least in the construction industry. The employees from Indonesia very quickly adjust to the conditions in Poland. In majority we would deal with the Islam followers, however there are also a dozen or so millions of Catholics. The Indonesians treat very freely the religious issues, since the different religion should not constitute an obstacle in establishing of a good relation between the employer and employee.

The main reason for reaching for the labour force from the Far East is a decrease of the number of the employees from the Eastern Europe who would be willing to work in Poland. The Indonesians more and more willingly arrive to work in Poland, due to the difficult economic situation in their homeland.

The Indonesians are open and little demanding

The disseminated stereotypes about the employees from Indonesia, that is a group of distrustful persons, people closed only in their structures, have been refuted. More often it turns out that they are honest and reliable persons, fully engaged in the tasks entrusted therein. The most significant advantage of employing of the employees from Indonesia is obtaining of an employee who will work only and exclusively for one employer. This provides the Polish entrepreneurs stability in maintaining of the staff (the work permit from the Province Governor authorizes the foreigner to work only for one employer). Additionally, the employee from Asia will not stop work in order to visit his/her country more often than once a year, which for sure will facilitate organization of work at the enterprise.

Employees from Indonesia


How can you employ the employees from Indonesia?

While employing an employee from Indonesia you shall remember that you should conclude the employment agreement with him / her in writing, for the period of minimum one year. Providing of accommodation and remuneration, at the level of at least the minimum national wage in Poland is also a necessary requirement to meet. The Employer is obliged to report the employee to the insurance arising from the work performed. The basis for employment of the employee from Indonesia is issued in the country permit for work type A or permit for temporary stay and work.

Employees from Indonesia

In the case of wishing to employ the employees from Indonesia, we invite you to contact us. The procedure significantly differs from employment of the citizens of Poland, as well as it lasts far longer compared to procuring of the labour force from Ukraine. It would be the best to make use of the knowledge and experience of the employees from Agencja Pracy WORKSOL. The most important for all the parties is that the whole process should not only be conducted fast but also legally. On the basis of the international agreement, our Agency is registered at the Consulate of Indonesia in Poland. Thanks to which, our Company may legally recruit employees from the country.



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