How can a foreigner open a company in Poland in 2019 ?

How can a foreigner open a company in Poland in 2019 ?

17 February 2018

More and more foreigners decide to open a company in Poland. Everyone has such opportunity. But the form of this enterprise will depend on the residence status of the foreigner in Poland. A company in Poland is a great opportunity, but also bureaucratic and legal duties. If you ask yourself: “how can I open a company in Poland ?”. Read the article and you will get answers.

To be a legal entity (an entrepreneur) – it is not available for every foreigner. How can a foreigner open a company in Poland in 2019?

Arbitrary entrepreneur activity is allowed by Polish law. In particular, we are talking about the most popular existence in Poland of individual who conducts business. Such activities can be carried out by foreigners who have:

• Valid Pole’s Card (Polish Card)
• Residence card
• Additional protection
• Refugee status
• Enjoy temporary protection in Poland
Permanent residence permit
• The long-term EU resident permit
• If a temporary residence permit issued by:

– family member of a foreigner for the purpose of family reunification;

– on the basis of a long-term EU resident permit, marriageable by EU Member State (other than Poland), where such person justifies his stay in Poland;

– a family member of a foreigner who has a long-term EU residence permit issued by another EU Member State (other than Poland), who will justify his stay in Poland if and one’s family member stayed with a foreigner in another EU Member State and wants to stay with him in Poland;

– in order to start or continue full-time studies at a university or doctoral studies in Poland;

– spouses of Polish citizens who are married to Polish citizens residing in Poland (spouses of Polish citizens have the right to conduct business activities as a result of marriage if their basis for stay is a temporary residence permit).

How can a foreigner open a company in Poland in 2019 ?

Forms of business activities are required for most foreigners (KRS).

Foreigners who do not own one of the above statuses constitute the second group of people and can manage a company exclusively in this form:
• Limited partnership;
• Joint-Stock Company;
• Limited liability company;
• Limited joint-stock partnership.

The above business forms do not require the presence of a foreigner in Poland. This means that you can be the owner of the company without the right of residence. However, to be able to work in your own company you need a legal stay (visa, residence permit) and WORK PERMIT.

It is not a good idea to open a company and be its partner (owner) only for getting a residence card in Poland.

Important information for a foreigner: Opening a company is not a quick and effective way to obtain a residence card in Poland. If you want to get a residence card on the grounds that you are the owner of the company. Because your company has to work at least for a year to make a profit, have a sales turnover and hire employees.

Note: international treaties between individual states and Poland may impose additional restrictions or powers. In this regard, you should make sure whether there is an international treaty with respect to this state. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains an Internet-based treatises database where you can verify such information – copied from the migrant.

The recruitment agency WORKSOL successfully established many forms of business activity. And consulted in setting up a company in the form of individual entrepreneurship. We are happy to share our experience with our customers. We will help you to choose accounting for your business. Also, we tell well how to choose a form of taxation and what is the location of the company’s headquarters.

We invite all foreigners to open firms in Poland. Doing business near the Vistula River can indeed bring more pleasure and corresponding financial benefits.

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