One way ticket? Belarus closed the border
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One way ticket? Belarus closed the border

3 November 2020

Belarus closed its borders with Poland. What does it mean for Belarusian workers? Is it still a wise idea for Belarusian workers to regard Poland as a lucrative work destination, as they did before?

WORKSOL Group tried to find answers for questions that are of the greatest interest to Belarusian workers, as well as Polish employers. Among other important things, can Belarusians now enter Poland at all?

The answer is “Yes, they can.” However, when crossing the Belarusian border, the border service warns that leaving Belarus one cannot enter back, reports the portal

Such a “one way ticket”. The reason for this is a pandemic. At least this is the version of the Belarusian side. To prevent citizens from bringing virus from Europe, they are restricted from entering the territory of Belarus. This is interpreted by the fact that in Belarus there are relatively few cases of the disease, while each country of EU daily reports more and more cases of the disease registered.

By the way, the border of Ukraine with Belarus is also closed by decision of Belarus.

How can Belarusians return home from Poland?

At the moment, it’s possible to come back to Belarus by plane. That is, air transport is operating normally. Although at the moment it is not possible to enter Belarus by land transport.

Now, only trucks that transport goods enter and leave in both directions.

What about the Poles and other citizens who want to visit Belarus?

From October 29, 2020, entry to the territory of Belarus by land transport has been suspended. The Polish government website Serwis Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej informs about this.

The decision to suspend the land communication was made unilaterally – by the Belarusian side. Polish citizens who still want to get to Belarus can do it by plane. Air traffic is currently operating normally.

Autor: Sergii Budim

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