Poland will need doctors from Ukraine and Belarus to fight COVID
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Poland will need doctors from Ukraine and Belarus to fight COVID

9 November 2020

“We are open to all doctors, there are real chances for doctors from the eastern border, mainly Belarus and Ukraine, because of the smaller language barrier,” says Deputy Health Minister Slawomir Gadomsky in an interview with Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. As he added, it could be over a thousand people. Czytaj dalej: W walce z Covid mają pomóc lekarze z Ukrainy i Białorusi. Trzeba ich nawet tysiąc

Does this mean that Polish employment agencies should pay attention to the direction of medical staff search from Ukraine or Belarus?

In case of doctors from either Ukraine or Belarus, it is necessary to take into account that hiring a doctor from non-EU countries is not a quick task. Firstly, they need to go through the procedure of so-called nostrification of the diploma. In other words, a Ukrainian (or Belarusian) doctor’s diploma must be recognized in Poland. Only then can such a doctor take up his duties.

Knowledge of the language will also be one of the key requirements. This is logical, because it will be necessary to somehow communicate with the patient. And this is not a matter of one day or even a month.

Medical terminology in Polish and Ukrainian (Russian) as well as the names of diseases can differ significantly.

That is, doctors from Ukraine or Belarus who want to get a job in Poland will most likely have to make a serious life choice – move for permanent residentship to Poland. And in the beginning, perhaps (though not a fact) to work as a nurse – until the recognition of the diploma.

The decision to move is not easy, because the family factor, the desire to be in a similar social environment, etc. also play an important role here.

Poland or Germany?

Is Poland the best option for a Ukrainian or Belarusian doctor to move? This is a rather subjective opinion, but if we take into account the salary and the procedure of diploma nostrification, it would be more appropriate to choose Germany, which has simplified and accelerated the procedure of diploma nostrification for other countries.

A Ukrainian or Belarusian doctor, having chosen Germany, will also be forced to learn a foreign language and nostrify his diploma, but with the same demandings, Germany looks more attractive, because nostrification is much faster here, and wages are much higher.

By the way, we have already written in our article Why Ukrainians will not go to work in Germany. Although the article is addressed more not to specialists, such as doctors, but rather for non-qualified workers, it still has a bunch of interesting stuff. We recommend you to get familiar with the article here.

The advantages of Poland in choosing this country as a work destination for Ukrainian or Belarusian doctors are the proximity of the border, a similar Slavic language and a similar mentality.

But let’s be honest, in the case of a permanent move to another country, when you need to start from scratch, a distance of 400 kilometers or 1,400 kilometers is not so important.

Moral and ethical component of the issue

If the issue of the pandemic remains relevant for the whole world, are there no patients in Ukraine or Belarus and do they not need to be treated? If all doctors from poorer countries go to higher paid countries, are their residents simply doomed because their country is poorer?

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