Poland Work Visa Process 2023 | Application Procedure (Explained)

Poland Work Visa Process 2023 | Application Procedure (Explained)

1 December 2022

Poland Work Visa Process 2023– Are you interested in traveling to Poland and acquiring a job there? Then read this post carefully. Every country requires a work visa or visit Visa if you plan to travel abroad. So is the requirement of Poland. You should have a work visa to enter and work in Poland.

The Poland work visa, called the Polish National visa, allows citizens of non-EU to work in Poland. EA/EEU or Swiss citizens may not need a Polish passport. But if you want to stay in Poland for more than three months, you will need to register at the local registration office. Registration is not included in the process of a work visa, but it only helps the authority to know about your longer stay.

If you are planning a career opportunity in Poland, you need to read this post. In this article, we will explain and cover all the details and types of Poland Work Visas.

Poland Work Visa Process 2023 Details

  • Country: Poland
  • Type: Polish National visa
  • Category: Work Visa Process
  • Visa fee: €11.05 to €44.19.
  • Deadline: Ongoing

Types of Poland Work Visa 2023

There are the following types of work visas for Poland. So, before applying for any work visa, you must know which work visa suits your job. For instance;

  • Work Permit A – if you have a job offer in Poland, this type of Visa will be given to you on the condition that you will require a valid residence permit.
  • Work Permit B – if you are an employee of a board member and stay for more than six months in Poland, you will need this type of
  • Work Permit C – if you are visiting Poland, as a delegate, for more than 30 days, you will need a work permit C-type work
  • Work Permit D – if you are a delegate and work in an export service. You will need a work permit D.
  • Work Permit S – you will need this work permit if your employer sends you to Poland for hunting, agricultural, accommodation, or fishing

Documents required for Poland Work Visa

For Polish work visa candidates need to have the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A visa application form
  • Colored photographs (should fulfil the Schengen visa photo guidelines)
  • Proof of flight ticket to Poland
  • Proof of travel health insurance of around €30,000
  • Proof of accommodation in Poland
  • A copy and the original version of your work
  • An employment letter to prove your job placement in Poland
  • CV or work experience certificate
  • Proof of your clear and clean criminal

Note: The embassy of Poland or the Polish consulate may require more documents depending upon the conditions.

How to Apply for Poland Work Visa?

  • Your employer is responsible for the application of a work permit for
  • After getting a work permit, you will Apply for a work visa Polish
  • Once you are approved for your work visa, enter Poland and start

How to Apply for Poland Work Permit?

To enter Poland, you will require a work permit, and requesting a work permit is totally dependent on your employer. The employer is responsible for requesting a work permit on your behalf. They will require to provide the following documents;

  • The application form
  • A proof of showing paid application
  • Proof of legal status of employer issued from National Court Register (NCR).
  • The employer must submit the records of their economic
  • Submit a copy of the employee’s
  • Submit proof of employee’s health
  • Deed for the
  • Proof of profits and losses made by the company or
  • Submit proof of contract or a copy of the

Once you receive your work permit, your next step will be to apply for a work visa in Poland. The work permit will allow you a work visa, and work visa will allow you to enter and start work in Poland.

Work visa process Duration.

It takes up to six weeks to get a work visa. You should apply for a work visa two months before your joining date.

Fees of Poland work Visa

  • Work Visa for less than three months – €11.05
  • Work Visa for more than three months – €22.10
  • Work type D Permit – €44.19.

The employees will pay the work visa fees unless your job sponsors a work visa.

Validity of Polish National Visa

The Polish Work Visa is valid for three months; after that, you have to apply for a residence permit for a longer period.

Validity of Polish Work Permit

The Polish Work permit lasts as long as your contract with your employer. For example, if your agreement is for two years, your work permit will also be valid for two years.

Extension of Poland Work Visa

You can extend your work visa if your employer has developed your contract. You have to apply for an extension of your Work visa 30 days before the expiry date.

Poland Seasonal Work Visa

A Poland Seasonal Work Permit is provided to employees when they want to work not more than nine months in a year. It is given to employees, usually in summer. Candidates need to apply for a Temporary residence permit too.

You will be given a temporary residence permit under the following conditions;

  • If you want to work on seasonal
  • If you have a regular and stable
  • If you have health
  • If you have proof of


So this post was about the Polish work visa application process, all candidates who are looking for job opportunities in Poland must go through this post and check all the details given.

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