“Welder in Poland” interview with Michal Soletsky

4 October 2018

Our today’s topic of this interview is “Welder in Poland”. Now we have the opportunity to record a conversation with a specialist in leasing of qualified employees and at the same time the owner of WORKSOL recruitment agency – Michal Soletsky. Recruitment agency WORKSOL is mainly engaged in the selection of qualified personnel from Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Nepal and Bangladesh to work in Poland and UE.

Welder in Poland

Now let’s talk about the profession of a welder on the Polish labor market. This will be useful information for Polish and foreign specialists. Fair rewards and responsibilities. What employers are offered by? In two minutes we will tell it.

1. In which company should you go as a welder in Poland? What companies offer high salary? Probably, a large salary is received by welders who work in companies that are not Polish, but are Italian or German?

The salary for welders in Poland depends on many factors. Among them, the quality of welding, as well as employers. But, above all, is the qualifications of the welder. Among our customers we have a German company with a factory in Poland. They pay less there among all our customers. At the second stage is the Italian company that is operating in Poland, and pays the most of it. On the pay line, between them are Polish companies. Of course, a higher salary will be associated with the qualifications of the welder. And with what work he specifically performs and in what conditions.

2. The salary of welders in Poland, depending on the threat and safety of the workplace. What is the difference and impacts of these indicators?

It can be said that there is a correlation between these factors. Also it is implicitly earned by welders in Poland who are working on building structures. And often work at height, which carries with more risks, instead of working on the ground. It is known that most earn pipeline welders, whose welding products must undergo pressure tests and X-rays, to assess the quality of welds. In this case there ain’t big dangers, and the salaries are the highest.
The greatest influence on salary is what the employee does and how he does it. Of course, workers are more exposed to the risk of the title of the work, the so-called “risk bonus”, concluded in an hourly rate. As a result, the pipeline welder working at height outside will earn the most. So, from this point, we can talk about the cumulation of salary factors.

3. Is there a welder’s wage difference for cities, provinces for a work-hunter in Poland?

Yes. If we are talking about the division of country into Poland “A” and “B”, which, despite the past more than a hundred years from the divisions, continues to function! The regions with the lowest salary are the eastern territories of Poland, except Warsaw. Most of all you can earn in the such voivodships: Greater Poland Voivodeship, Pomeranian, West Pomeranian, Lower Silesia, Lubusz and Masovian Voivodeship.
Poland is not the only country with such division. For example, in Germany there also are such units. Everyone knows that he earns the most in Bavaria, at least in the so-called Austi that is the lands, that once belonged to the German Democratic Republic (socialist).

4. What is the image of most wanted welder in Poland? Let’s talk about the welding method.

The welder in Poland, who welds the 135 method, is in great demand. This is currently the most popular welding method. Well, however, when a welder can weld by other methods, like 136, 138, 141, 111. Because of this, it can cope in any conditions and is universal for the employer. However, it should be noted that the welding method is only one of the elements that affect wages. It is very important what material, in what positions, thicknesses, the method of making the connections, etc. Always consider all these factors. You can also learn about this topic from the standards concerning the exam for the welder PN-EN 287 or PN-EN ISO 9606.

5. Does the salary differ depending on the welding method?

As already was mentioned, this is one of the factors. Basically, a welder in Poland, who welds with methods 136, 138, 141 earns the most, but this is not the rule. Welders with electrode 111 can count on low incomes, since this is a method that has numerous applications, but there are exceptions. For example, among welding boilers undergoing hydraulic tests. In this case, welders by the method 111, can count on very good salaries.

6. What is the minimum wage for a welder in Poland who has graduate school or technical school?

Of course, for the ability to keep welding in their hands won’t pay you even a penny. Nevertheless. A novice welder, who has completed a monthly welding course. And is actually able to weld can count on profits of 14 PLN per hour. However, it should be mentioned that the revenue just in a couple of months may increase significantly as they gain experience and productivity.

7. What is the maximum salary for welder in Poland with great experience?

From this point the limit of earned money can be set very high. For instance. Pipeline welders, pressure vessels that are working in refineries can earn from 25 zł / hour to 40-50 zł per hour. It also depends on additional factors and on the decency of the employer. I should add here that the best earning workers, our welders, receive 33 zł / hour in the aisles. But I also think that soon they will be some good changes and salaries will blow up the top.

8. Share with us information regarding certificates in the Polish labor market, thanks to which a welder in Poland can work legally.

Foreigners from outside the EU for the profession of a welder in Poland must have European documents confirming their qualifications. And also pass an examination in accordance with the European standards mentioned earlier (PN-EN 287 or PN-EN ISO 9606).

9. Let’s talk again about salaries. How do salaries depend on materials that welders have to work with?

The type of material also affects remuneration, although this factor has a less weight. It is known that aluminum welder earns more from black steel welder. However, a welder of pipelines that are made of stainless steel earns more than an aluminum welder. An aluminum welder can also outrun a welder for metal structures working at height.

10. Tell us more about the demand for welders, please. Suppose I am a Ukrainian welder and I don’t know Polish. Have I got a chance to find a job in Poland?

Despite the lack of knowledge of the language, there is always work in Poland. The demand is so high that employers forgive such questions as the lack of knowledge of Polish from the employee. If you have an average experience and you are a welder using method 145, black steel, then you will, probably, start working at a rate of 16-18 zł / netto hour + free accommodation to leave. There is a lot of work. So you can work as much as you want and you have a large choice among companies. Everyone will find a job.

From my side, I invite all specialists to cooperate with us. We guarantee that you will earn a fair reward, depending on the work that has been done.

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