Why nanny from the Philippines is in great demand in foreign lands?

Why nanny from the Philippines is in great demand in foreign lands?

3 October 2022

According to International Labor Organization, the Philippines is the only country in Asia and the Pacific to have ratified the Domestic Workers Convention ten years on from its adoptation. As of 2021, there are 2 million Filipino nannies employed in Asia and the Pacific alone which is more than the number of other Asian nations. This is one also of the reasons why nannies from the Philippines are in great demand not only in the Asia and the Pacific, but in the other continents and nationwide.

In the Phippines, the word Nanny also means “taga-pangalaga”, “alaga”, “care”, “caring” in passionate way. Filipinos are brought up in a traditions that values many like; they are faithful, family oriented, conciliatory, hardworking, kind, sympathetic, and do not have too high expectations. They are caring, they like to take care of the house and cook for the family in daily basis. The initiative comes from them, you do not have to ask for anything, and they are not like domestic hens. Filipinos are considered most loving people in the world and naturally happy even in the midst of difficult situations.

A nanny from the Philippines- an excellent childcare and learning English. English is a universal language. Nowadays, English speakers are the norm. Therefore, it is now more desirable for children to learn the language from an early age. Parents found a solution so that their children had the opportunity to interact with the language on a daily basis as early as possible. The second language in the Philippines is English, that is why hiring nannies fron there is more desirable.

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Autor: Annafe Amolar

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