Employees from Ukraine wanted on the national labour market
#Employees from Ukraine

Employees from Ukraine wanted on the national labour market

4 October 2019

The employees from Ukraine are for the majority of the enterprises in Poland the only and quick possibility of filling in the staff shortages on the national labour market. Low unemployment and economic increase resulted in a bigger and bigger demand for the work force in our country. Hard times came for the emploers, therefore they willingly reach for the employees from behind the Eastern borders.

Employees from Ukraine

Employing the citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and other states from behind the Eastern borders has become common; who supplement and often replace the employees from Poland. This is not related with looking for savings, but most of all with an increased demand for work.


Why do we choose Ukraine so willingly?

The Ukrainians are the closest related nation for us. We are connected by the common history (we created one country together with Lithuania in the framework of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), traditions, Christian religion, similar language – Slavic. The culture and values are also very similar. Additionally, the Ukrainians themselves like Poles and the Polish culture. They admire our country for the successful political and economic transformation. They very quickly get accustomed to our country, they learn the language, bring in their children and send them to the schools and kindergartens.

There are many unresolved historical issues between our nations. However are not able to overshadow the friendship that has emerged in the recent years between the nations. The Ukrainian women get married to Polish men, and Poles get married to Ukrainian women.

Poland is an advocate of Ukraine becoming close to the European Union. Additionally, on the other hand, the Ukrainians in the end chose the European integration, while removing from power the pro-Russia President Viktor Janukowycz during the “Dignity Revolution”) (Euro-majdan) in 2014.


Employees from Ukraine, is it worth employing them?

Every employer that has problems with recruitment of the employees in our country asks himself such a question. We have written more about the advantages and disadvantages of employing the employees from Ukraine here. Surely, the Polish employers would not look for employees abroad, if in our country there would be the adequate source of free, qualified work force. As we know, this is not the case, particularly in the recent years. Therefore, the employees from Ukraine have become the natural choice.

It was only in the years 2004 – 2012 that approx. 200 thousand to 300 thousand citizens of Ukraine worked in Poland. In 2017 the number of the employees that undertook work increased to 2 million. The projections indicate that the year 2018 will be again a record one. The scale of the increase is however not so dynamic, but still remains at a decent level.


Finally, the Polish economy sucks in the Ukrainians like a tornado

Poland drains the staff in Ukraine for a major scale. Lots of the Ukrainian enterprises have problems with finding working hands. The situation reminds the one we were dealing with in Poland in 2004. After accession to the EU, 2 million of Poles left Poland for a job.

The stream of the employees from Ukraine flows slower and slower due to a very deep drainage of the staff at our Eastern neighbours. Therefore, many Polish companies see a chance in recruiting employees from Asia. However, this is a marginal event compared to the arrivals of the employees from Ukraine.


How to find the employees from Ukraine and bring them in to work?

Of course, you may do everything alone, if you have time and knowledge how to proceed. You may also make use of the services of the companies that as ours specializes in the recruitment of the employees from Ukraine and advices in employment of the foreigners. Via agency of our company you may benefit from:

Each time the Client shall fill out the Employer’s questionnaire. This is a kind of adding of a job offer to our database. Thanks to answering a few questions we will be able to create the offer for the recruitment. For advise if the proposed by you conditions and requirements towards the candidates are adequate.

Employment Agency WORKSOL has been dealing with recruitment of the employees from Ukraine already since 2009. Throughout the time we have provided thousands of employees from behind the Eastern border for the Polish employers. Many positive recommendations of our Clients and the foreigners themselves prove satisfaction of our Clients.

Finally, we invite you to cooperation.


Michał Solecki


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