Seamstress in Poland. The whole truth about job vacancies in Poland
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Seamstress in Poland. The whole truth about job vacancies in Poland

17 October 2019

Seamstress in Poland. The whole truth about job vacancies in Poland for seamstresses from our recruiters. What is more, we conducted a short interview with each recruiter and coordinator in order to best cover the topic of vacancies for seamstresses in Poland.
In this article you will learn about:

  • Jobs for seamstresses in Poland – is it always a development work?
  • Is there a difference in technology, sewing machines?
  • Jobs only for seamstresses. Where have vacancies for cutters gone?
  • How much do seamstresses earn in Poland?
  • Why some employers do not hire seamstresses who used to work in an atelier or at home?
  • Recommendations for a candidate who is looking for a seamstress job in Poland.


The work of a seamstress in Poland is always a development work

Everyone says that the whole job offers for seamstresses in Poland implies a development work. But there are other vacancies besides working as a seamstress. For example, the last time I found a vacancy for a tailor in Poznan was 18 PLN NET per hour. And it wasn’t mentioned anywhere is that development work exclusively or not.


What can you say about this?

Any rate in Poland still implies to development work. There are always standards in the work of a seamstress. It is impossible to work as a seamstress without a development work In Poland. Some employers write an average rate to attract people, but this is just the normative. If you do not comply with the normative, the rate is reduced. For example, they can write “a job in Poland for a seamstress for 12-17 zl netto per hour”. But if the standard is not met, then seamstresses get less money. For example, 15 PLN NET per hour.


Is the same situation in Ukraine?

I don’t know how is it in Ukraine. It depends on the factories. For example, back in Soviet times, there used to be a simple rate, but still there was a standard (normative).


What about devices?

There can be different types of machines. For example, there are still old models in Ukraine, but here in Poland, they are new and already modernized. It happens that the seamstresses come and work on machines that they have never seen before. Especially if you used to work on old “Seagulls”, then you immediately will be lost in modern Poland.


And how do they get out of this situation?

The trial period does not pass, and we have to select another seamstress vacancy. However, some seize right away. It depends on which enterprises you used to work before. You won’t know what to do, if you used to work on an old factory. A well-experienced seamstress will quickly grab a nice job in Poland.

Cutter in Poland

The market is filled with vacancies for seamstresses. Where have gone vacancies for cutters?

Generally, cutters do not work just as cutters In Poland. Very rarely such can be seen. Basically, cutters work like seamstresses too. They make a shut and sew, but this you will see only on job vacancy’s description for cutters.


But why?

There are small departments as at enterprises as at sole proprietorships. For example, you can find a regular announcing: “15 seamstresses and 2 seamstresses-cutters”. In general, many want universal workers.


Extras: Video review of one of our job vacancies for cutters. Click on this text or image to watch the video.


cutter in poland

Video review of one of our job vacancies for cutters.


Therefore, how much do seamstresses earn in Poland? From minimum to maximum wage

From the minimum wage to 7000 PLN NET. It all depends on speed and experience.


And how do experience and skills affect salaries for seamstresses?

The normative is mainly considered as mentioned earlier. It follows from this fact that seamstresses with different experiences can work in the same factory. But skills and speed will show how much you can really earn.


Basically, are all the vacancies at the furniture factory?

No. There are companies that produce clothes. Brand and non-brand clothes. There are enterprises that work from orders. If the seamstress is professional and knows how to work with knitted clothes? Then he/she will be taken to any sewing workshop for branded clothes. We recommend going to a furniture factory for those who worked with dense material. There are also vacancies where they do simple operations such as sewing underwear. There they do the same operation.


Extras: Video review of one of our vacancies for seamstresses. Click on this text or image to watch the video.


video vacancies for seamstresses

Video review of one of our vacancies for seamstresses.


Our recommendations regarding the work of a seamstress in Poland

What advice would you give to a candidate who is looking for a seamstress vacancy in Poland?

Each factory has its own requirements. No matter how logical it sounds, but some candidates may not be ready. For example, we have an employer who in won’t hire a seamstress who used to work in an atelier or at home in any case. Why? In other words, they don’t want to hire workers that didn’t use to work in automated production where you need to work quickly. We need experienced workers that used to work in factories.And there are such employers who take precisely such seamstresses to work in Poland. We have employers who can sew pillowcases and this their top of skills.


The differences between vacancies can be huge.

Therefore, during an interview, we always ask a lot of questions to candidates. You must be able to describe where you used to work before. And our recommendation here is to be honest and not to embellish once again. This is the only way you can find appropriate a job for seamstress in Poland.


Additional information if you are looking for a job as seamstress in Poland

We invite you to visit the page with a list of our vacancies for seamstresses.

We will send you all actual job offers if you fill in this form. The first stage of recruitment is fill in this questionnaire:

A recruitment specialist will check your CV and Documents. If you have experience which we need, our specialist will send job offers to you. When you will choose, we can start the recruitment process and we will do a work permit for you. After that, you can do a visa for yourself.

Finally, please note that we communicate only with selected candidates. If a recruitment specialist will not reply to you, it’s mean we can’t hire you.


Also, on our YouTube channel, you can find job reviews of seamstress, welders, locksmiths.


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