Work in Poland - why it’s a good choice?
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Work in Poland – why it’s a good choice?

18 July 2019

Work in Poland. Every year more and more people leaving their homes to go to work in Poland. The reasons for this phenomenon are absolutely obvious:

  • the desire to live better and earn more,
  • to discover new opportunities for yourself and your family.

But don’t they choose Poland in most cases in order to move and work? Why they do not choose such giants as the USA, Russia, France, Germany or Ukraine? Let’s see why this is happening, and most importantly, what can our country offer to foreigners?

Perhaps the very first thing that foreigners are guided by when traveling to Poland is its geographical location. It is very pleasant that you are in Europe. And at any time, you can go to other neighboring countries for a couple of days without an obtaining visa. It is also nice to know that Poland cares about newcomers and by all means, tries to simplify their lives. For example, launching new flights to the country, so we can be at home in just a couple of hours. But despite the fact that in Europe there are a lot of beautiful countries.

In Poland the standard of living is much higher and, of course, it is very appealing to job seekers. Work in Poland can bring a foreigner income over $ 800 per month. And for work that does not require high qualifications! This is very popular for people from Ukraine, Bangladesh, India, and other countries. Polish companies are happy to hire foreigners because there are always a lot of work in Poland!


“Work in Poland” – why each of us entered these words in google search?

From the moment Poland entered the European Union, the Poles began to move rapidly westward to other countries. Adults – in search of a better life. Young people – for their diversity and obtaining new sensations such as independent living. Also studying in a new country. This has contributed to the fact that thousands of job vacancies in Poland freed for foreigners, starting from qualified professionals and ending with laborers. What certainly pleases all seekers of good earnings, because Poland offers very favorable and comfortable working conditions.


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Working in Poland for good wages.

Are you working at the enterprise now as a physical worker or product worker? So, you can be sure that in Poland you will be able to earn at least 2 times more in a similar position. The same is about representatives of such professions as: seamstress, carpenter, painter, mechanic, builder, upholstery, mechanic, welder, CNC operator, plumber, turner, baker, confectioner, etc. The list is endless. Polish employers “will kill for any good specialist”.

You need only to contact the recruiting agency WORKSOL. And our recruitment department specialists will be able to offer you vacancies that you received from direct employers. But it should be understood that an employer in Poland wants to have a clear idea of an employee who wants to come to him like in any other country. Especially if this candidate is counting on wages above average. The one will want to know how old is a candidate, his level of education, work experience, and other things. That is why you must immediately take care of your resume and submit it to our employee when you are asking for help in finding a job in Poland.


Looking for employees? We advise you to fill out this form. After that, we will found new employees for you.

Looking for a new job? We advise you to fill out this form. As soon as we have a vacancy corresponding to your requirements and qualifications, we will contact you immediately.


Working in Poland for a foreigner is a guarantee of stability.

The stable situation in the country contributes to the fact that you can always be confident in the future. You can be sure that your salary will not be less and can only increase with time. If you are performing it well. You can be sure that the employer will not tell you from day to day that his company is closing. The probability of such events is very small. You can be sure that you always have the opportunity to stay and work and live in this country if you are working in Poland. Even after the end of the visa. The main thing is that you must be satisfied with the work and the employer must be pleased with you as an employee. And only then to legalize your continued stay in Poland.

You are guaranteed to get health insurance if you were employed officially. The employer is obliged within a week to submit information about the employee to ZUS (the social insurance office) during the employment process. You can go to a doctor for free, providing only an extract (which you can always ask from the employer) confirming your insurance if you will need it. It is important to remember that this does not apply to private medical clinics and offices. If you live in Poland with the whole family, there is an opportunity to add to this insurance.

Also the data of your children. And then you do not need to buy insurance for them in a private medical clinic. Of course, this is another fact confirming that the Republic of Poland cares not only about its citizens, but also provides all the privileges of living and working in Poland to foreigners.


Work in Poland is your personal development.

Deciding to move to Poland, you discover a whole new world. You have the opportunity to live differently. Travel without problems not only within the country but also to the EU countries. Also, work in Poland helps you learn Polish much faster. It is not a secret that employees with knowledge of the language can earn more than foreigners who do not speak Polish at all. If one of the Slavic languages is your native one, you can learn Polish much easier if you are staying in Poland. This will not only simplify your work and life in general but also contribute to your personal growth.

Moreover, with knowledge of the language, it will be much easier for you to transfer your family to Poland and solve all the related formalities. You can always contact the Department for the legalization of the stay and work of WORKSOL if you need help.

After a little reflection on the advantages of working in Poland, it becomes quite obvious why every year this issue is becoming more and more relevant for citizens of other countries. After all, Poland is now a place that is suitable for everyone! For example, for those who come to work and support their family at home; for those who decide to move to this country permanently. Even for those who decide to continue their studies here. Work in Poland is a stable job with a good salary.


Employment in Poland: what should know everyone

Having gathered courage and having decided to leave your country for work in Poland it is great! But many people first of all begin to learn how to get a work visa to travel to this country. And this is definitely correct. It seems that now absolutely everyone knows that there are 2 types of Polish work visas allowing you to stay in Poland for a long period of time. The first is a semi-annual visa, which can be obtained on the basis of an application (oświadczenia ) from the employer. We like to call this document “invitation”. The second is a visa based on a work permit from the voivode (governor). As a rule, it is issued for a period of one year. Considering the fact that if this permit is really long. It will be possible to apply to the consulate with a request for obtaining the next visa.


Official work in Poland

Having learned this information many of our compatriots are rapidly looking for ways to purchase the above-mentioned documents. And they are very happy to receive a visa because they believe that they can safely work in Poland for 12 months with any employer. For example, for about a year on the basis of a “voivodeship invitation”. But then they are very surprised when it turns out that it is not so. So why is that?


Looking for employees? We advise you to fill out this form. After that, we will found new employees for you.

Looking for a new job? We advise you to fill out this form. As soon as we have a vacancy corresponding to your requirements and qualifications, we will contact you immediately.


It is very important to remember. Tell your friends who are going to go to work in Poland if it is possible

Let’s suppose you have a document from your employer. Where he confirms that he is going to employ you (whether it is a “regular invitation” or “voivode invitation”). You received a visa on the basis of this document. And he says that you only have the right to work for this particular employer who is listed in the documents. In any case, it does not mean that you do not have the right to change jobs because of circumstances. Troubles happen and they can be different. It must be understood that work in Poland can be official and unofficial as elsewhere. But you should choose only the first option. Because you are a foreigner and you want to have a good expression of yourself. Easily cross the border and have no problems with the law. What’s why kind of work in Poland is considered official.

Residence card – temporary residence permit

Official work is considered only if you have a contract and “invitation” from one employer. That is why when you applying for a new employer in addition to the contract. He must also issue you and permission to your firm, even if you have a visa. For example, you didn’t work under this permit (because you just bought it or worked there, but decided to change your place of work). Otherwise, it simply is not possible to employ you officially


Documents that you must get from your employer

As a rule, when applying the employer first makes a statement for the foreigner (“oświadczenie”). Since this document can be received most quickly (on average from 7 to 14 days) depending on the city where the company is located. Based on this document a foreigner has the right to work only 180 days during the year. Also, the employer can make for you a work permit from the voivode to your company. The waiting period for such permit now ranges from 1 to 4 months, depending on the voivodeship in which the firm is located. If you have a visa longer than 180 days and on the basis of the “regular invitation” you have already completed the entire term. The only opportunity for further work for you is to obtain permission from the voivode.

Many foreigners believe in one myth that they can change work and new employer can make a new one semi-annual “invitation” for them. And this is because they have a visa for a long period and they have worked officially for six months with the employer.


But it is completely wrong!

It doesn’t matter if you previously worked for one employer or several. According to the Polish law, on the basis of a statement (“oświadczenia”) you can work only 180 days during the year. For example, if you worked for 3 months for one employer officially on the basis of this document you can only work for the other employer for the remaining 3 months. This rule was not exclusively at the beginning of 2018. People who worked on the basis of the old model could open a new visa to themselves on the basis of the new “invitation” or with a visa.

The employer could extend the official work on the basis of a new sample without waiting for the semi-annual corridor. In January 2018 a new sample of this document came out. And for those who are already working on the basis of a new sample of this document the 180-day rule takes effect again.


It is very important not to make problems for the employer and most importantly for yourself.

We recommend that you carefully monitor your documents and adhere to all legal rules. It is worth noting that not all employers are familiar with the rules for obtaining a work permit from the voivode for a foreigner. Therefore, we advise you to contact our agency if your employer agrees to receive such a document. We will be happy to prepare all the necessary documents for you.


What vacancy to choose and what is seasonal work in Poland?

Our agency has many job vacancies in Poland. Turning to the employee who is engaged in recruitment. You should immediately write what kind of job you are looking for. Also, what experience you have and most importantly how much time you can still be in Poland. After all, quite often people come to us who have been in Poland for quite a long period and they have only 1-2 months of a visa left. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to offer something to such clients, since any employer wants to find an employee for a long period.

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Work in Poland for women, men and couples

There are often job offers for women:

  • maids in hotels, kitchen assistants in restaurants,
  • careers for the elderly,
  • seamstresses,
  • employees at the enterprise.

Men often get jobs as laborers and builders, carpenter assistants, locksmiths or upholsterers in a factory. Even if you have not previously worked in this industry, there is no problem. Because many employers agree to hire a person with absolutely no experience. They train them on the working place. Quite often there are messages “looking for a job for a couple” as married couples want to come to work together and work in the same company.

There is nothing surprising here. Because together it is always easier to cope with new tasks in your life. Especially, related to moving to another country. Vacancies for couples are much greater in the spring-summer period. Because at this time the period of planting and harvesting begins. Poles involved in such a business are happy to invite foreigners for seasonal work.


Looking for employees? We advise you to fill out this form. After that, we will found new employees for you.

Looking for a new job? We advise you to fill out this form. As soon as we have a vacancy corresponding to your requirements and qualifications, we will contact you immediately.


Seasonal work in Poland

Work for the season is often offered by employers who have farms. In such cases, the issue of housing is resolved at the same time. Since the workers helping the farm life right there in specially equipped premises. Seasonal work in Poland is perfect for residents of rural areas who are used to working with land and animals. As well as for those who want to earn money only in the summer, but are not ready to move to Poland for all time.

It should be understood that (whether physical or highly skilled work) at least a minimal knowledge of Polish for any job it will always be useful. You still have to carry out the orders of the superiors and even just communicate with people. The better you know the language the greater the chance of getting a better job. In addition, if you are a specialist in any industry, you will definitely inform your coordinator and provide a resume. Then there are many more chances to get a well-paid job doing your favorite work.


Accommodation in Poland: what to expect and how much to pay

Many people pay attention to whether the employer provides housing when choosing a job in Poland. It is not surprising. Because everyone wants to come to a new city and know that he has where to live. And that one doesn’t need to do his own work in finding a home. In truth, not all employers want to look for housing for visiting workers. Because they believe that it is enough to offer only good working conditions. Recruiters of recruitment agencies try to convince them. They otherwise and explain the situation from the point of view of a foreigner in turn.

The issue of accommodation for governesses, housekeepers and careers can be solved without problems. The same is about seasonal workers. Workers can live immediately on the job site and most often for free. And some employers even provide free meals.


Housing from the employer or your own?

Coming to the vacancy with the provided housing. You need to be prepared for the fact that on arrival you will not be moved into a royal apartment. Few employers are ready to rent a whole apartment. For example, for two workers, especially if he agreed to cover living expenses on his own. For those enterprises that practice, the employment of foreign citizens a rather frequent phenomenon is the provision of housing in hostels. Or special houses that are made exclusively for visiting employees.

In such places, they often live from 2 and even up to 6 people in the room. If living conditions are pretty good, the employer may ask to pay half the cost of the rent. Or you may pay at least for utilities. It is regularly ranging from 100 to 200 PLN per month.

Having considered all the options it can be concluded. That it is now easy to find work in Poland immediately with housing. If you come to work alone or only from time to time work you may be satisfied with the accommodation options provided by employers. But if you are thinking about working in Poland on an ongoing basis, you should find your own comfortable accommodation.


Work in Poland without intermediaries

Nowadays there are a huge number of companies that are looking for a job in Poland. They are divided into 2 types: those that provide paid, and those that provide free vacancies. The first one usually does not cooperate directly with employers in Poland. They only select a suitable vacancy among the bases of various personnel agencies. The second is the recruiting agencies. Such is the agency WORKSOL. What is the principle of our company?

Polish enterprises that have a lack of workers often decide to employ foreigners. But due to ignorance of the language and all the details of taking on the work of such persons. They turn to our agency for help. Employers provide us with all the information regarding working conditions, wages and accommodation. Also, what they expect from a future candidate for this position. We have the opportunity to create a vacancy after that in the language that is available to you.

Let’s say that you’re interested in the proposal. The employer will approve your resume – agree on the details of the arrival and other formalities. It is worth noting that many employers want employees right now or as soon as possible. That’s why to facilitate the arrival of workers. That is why we provide only current vacancies that are frequently updated.


Looking for employees? We advise you to fill out this form. After that, we will found new employees for you.

Looking for a new job? We advise you to fill out this form. As soon as we have a vacancy corresponding to your requirements and qualifications, we will contact you immediately.


Another reason to choose WORKSOL

The advantage of working with us: we are not intermediaries who have no awareness at all about work in Poland. We cooperate with the employer directly. We can always call him to find out any questions you may have.

Also, our company provides a number of such vacancies. Mainly for certain specialists in which we have engaged ourselves in your paperwork.

If you are still in your country, our agency will help you fill out documents for obtaining a visa. You should contact our staff to do this. All contact information is on the site. Here you can choose for yourself a suitable job from the list of current vacancies. We will help you in your job search. Our recruiters will be happy to help you!

Do you want to find a suitable job in Poland for your qualifications? Don’t work like a handyman. We advise you to fill out this form. As soon as we have a vacancy that meets your requirements and qualifications we will contact you immediately.

Click to open the form.

New vacancies are provided primarily to people who fill out this form.


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