The list of popular methods of welding in Poland

The list of popular methods of welding in Poland

11 July 2019

The list of popular methods of welding in Poland? We wrote this article to tell you about popular welding methods in Poland and about their features. We also will describe the welding technologies of some methods. This is important information before you start working in Poland as a welder. 

The list of popular methods of welding in Poland

The numerical designation of welding methods

PN-EN ISO 4063: 2002

Welding and related processes. Designations and numbers of process.

  • 111 Arc welding with MMA coated electrode
  • 113 Arc welding with non-tethered electrode
  • 114 Arc welding with self-shielding wire
  • 121 Arc welding with self-shielding wire
  • 131 Welding by MIG method
  • 135 Welding by MAG method
  • 136 Welding in a shield of active gas with powder wire
  • 137 Welding in a shield of active gas with powder wire
  • 141 Welding by TIG method
  • 151 Welding by using plasma
  • 311 Oxygen-acetylene welding method
  • 912 Soldering with a solid flame
  • Method MIG/MAG (semi-automatic welding).

If you want to know other methods of welding that are less popular and less wanted in Poland,  you can follow this link .


The list of popular methods of welding in Poland. What are more demanded in Poland?


We will tell it according to our experience because we are the Agency which employs each month on average 20 welders to work in Poland. We are doing this directly to the employer and to our agency. According to our statistic, the most popular method of welding in Poland is method 135. We already wrote this in our previous article. Welder in PolandWhat is it and what employers offer? Interview.

You can make sure that is true by going to our section of vacancies for welders. Most of them are looking for welders with method 135.

With recommended welders also learn other methods to use it. Thus, you become more rare specialists that will allow you to bargain for a very best bet. Why are we so sure? Firstly, an employer spends time and money searching for a welder. Secondly, there is the fear of what may come a good expert, but with alcohol addiction.

We wrote it for a reason. When employers give us a request for the recruitment of workers they emphasize that a welder did not drink alcohol and never been caught in a drunken state during work at all.

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Welding method 135 description – MAG welding method.

MAG method (Metal Active Gas) is a welding technique, when reactive gas is used as a protective gas, for example, such as CO2. A melted electrode is full powdered wire that also acts as a binder. In the welding, MAG method processes are used carbon dioxide or gas mixtures as protective gases. They include argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide and others.


Applying the MAG welding method.
In other words, the MAG method is used for welding of unalloyed stainless steel, low-alloy, and high-alloy steel. Welders with a MAG method most wanted in the labor market in Poland and the EU.


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What is behind the concept of e semi-automatic welding?

You most likely heard or saw the job advertisement that requires a welder who welds with a semi-automatic method. So, if those mediators, who wrote this job advertisement could knew about such a phenomenon known as the basic concept, they could write more precisely. Since the concept of “welding by migmag (MIG/MAG)”, “semi-automatic welding” are colloquial names of the process of MIG and MAG methods of welding. And this notion suggests that welding by “migmag” (MIG/MAG) is universal.

Characteristics of using MIG/MAG welding methods


Advantages of the MIG/MAG welding methods:
+ Versatile method — it can be welded by various metals and their alloys in all spatial positions;
+ high welding efficiency — it is much higher than coating with electrodes;
+ Relatively low cost of welding materials, the total value is less for about 20% rather than the cost of welding with coated electrodes;
+ Good quality of welds;
+ Ability to mechanize and automate methods.


Disadvantages by welding MIG/MAG method or semi-automatic method:
– weld quality is highly dependent on the skill of the welder,
– relatively high costs for the purchase of devices and equipment,
– MAG welding method is characterized by a greater tendency to the formation of sticking and porosity of the seams.


Description of the oxygen-acetylene welding method (311) (gas welding method)


The welding process by method 311 or gas welding:
This method of welding consists of melting the edges of the metals being joined through a flame heated by burning combustible gas in an atmosphere supplied by the oxygen. In other words, gas acetylene is preferably used as the fuel.


Applying of gas welding:
Gas welding is used for all kinds of steel and non-ferrous metals. Gas welding is less popular in Poland rather than in Ukraine. We know it because we have 90% of welders from Ukraine.
If you want to find a well-paid job in Europe, it is necessary to evolve and learn additional methods. We advise you to use method 135 (MAG).


Arc welding with a covered electrode or method (111)

Description of welding process by method 111
This welding method consists of melting metals at the point of their connection through an electric arc which is formed between the welded element and the coated electrode. Direct or alternating current is used for arc welding, but the first is more favorable.

For the welding electrodes are used coated by shells:

  • sour (A )
  • rutile (g )
  • alkaline (B)
  • rutile acid (RA )
  • cellulose (C)
  • rutile cellulose (RC)
  • or by another one.


Application of method 111

Welding with coated electrodes is applied to all unalloyed, low-alloyed and high-alloyed steels, cast steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals.


MIG welding method (131)

Description of work:
Method MIG (Metal Inert Gas) is welding with a molten electrode in a protective inert gas. In the MAG method, a wire performs the role of the binder (the so-called electrode wire). During the process of welding are used protective gases, such as argon and helium, and their mixtures.
Application of method 131:
The MIG method is used for welding non-ferrous metals. In most cases, these are aluminum alloys.


TIG welding method (141)

Description of work by TIG welding method (141).

TIG method is a process of arc welding with a non-melting electrode in a protective inert gas. The gases are used to cover the welding zone in TIG mode: argon, helium, or their mixture (as in the MIG method).


Application of technology by TIG welding method (141).

TIG welding is used for connecting steel, low alloyed and high-alloy steel and non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, magnesium, and their alloys, and nickel). TIG method is ineffective welding method, but It has advantageable quality and precision of the connection.


Advantages of the TIG welding method:

  • easy to control during operation,
  • universality- it is possible to weld almost all metals and alloys,
  • the ability to weld sheet metal (about 0.5 mm),

* it allows achieving very high-quality welding in particularly demanding projects, such as pipelines, containers for the food industry and the aerospace industry.

* no splashes.



* low welding speed (about 0.1 ÷ 0.4 m / min)

  • low efficiency with thick materials
  • quality of a seam depends on the skill of the welder.


However, this method has the same popularity as the MAG welding method 135 in Poland. TIG welding method 141 is well-paid as well as the MAG method. In some cases, the rate may be higher than the market. Basically, this is for the more experienced welders.


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Looking for a new job? We advise you to fill out this form. As soon as we have a vacancy corresponding to your requirements and qualifications, we will contact you immediately.


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