Employees from Vietnam - extremely hard working people
#Employees from Vietnam

Employees from Vietnam – extremely hard working people

8 September 2019

Employees from Vietnam. The history of the Vietnamese in Poland started in the 60’s of the XX century. They were arriving in order to study at universities. At present, Poland is the third country taking into account the number of the Vietnamese staying here. Thus, the employees from Vietnam have been in Poland for a several dozen years.

Employees from Ukraine are not enough, soon they may be replaced by the Vietnamese

Vietnam is a country located on the Indochina Peninsula (South-Eastern Asia), which is ranked 15 in the world, taking into account the population – over 97 million. This is also a very thin country with a very long coastline of 3 444 km. The area of a bit larger than Poland and the amount of population is over twice as much. In Vietnam there are as many as 54 ethnic groups, however the largest part, approx. 86% are the Viet.

Two baskets connected with a bamboo rod…

Employees from Vietnam

The Vietnamese are extremely hard working people. The everyday transport of the food is carried out by the street sellers with the help of two baskets, connected with a bamboo rod. The Vietnamese are devoted to their traditions, and they are most of all characterized with a persistence in striving for the aim. One of the very important traits of Vietnam citizens is ease and most of all willingness to adapt to the existing situation. Women work much more than men. The Vietnamese women most often deal with farming, as well as they take care of the whole house and work for the family maintenance. On the other hand, men are the drivers of tuk tuk (kind of taxies), but also builders and workers of shipyards as well as physical workers in the field. The Vietnamese women have less free time than their partners, because they are fully dedicated to work and additional duties.

Employees from Vietnam

Poles in the eyes of the Vietnamese

For many Vietnamese Poland is a source of the valuable knowledge, obtained during studies, which enables them working at high positions in their country. Poles in Vietnam are perceived as educated and very pleasant people. We have worked out such an opinion by the friendly relations with the Vietnamese who study or live in Poland. Additionally, the Vietnamese have great respect for us, and what’s important they like to spend time with us, whether in their homeland or in Poland. The Vietnamese cuisine is becoming more and more popular on the Polish market and the famous Pho. The Vietnamese prepare only and exclusively healthy meals that may be tried in the Vietnamese restaurants run in Poland.

Vietnamese cuisine
Innate laboriousness…

The employer, who has decided to obtain the employees from Vietnam, may be sure that he / she will win a reliable workforce for their company. The conditions in Vietnam force people to carry out hard physical work in farming, but also in the construction industry and shipyards. A large majority of the products is transported by the Vietnamese with the use of hands and legs, thus they are able to cope with every task. For the employees from Vietnam there are no things impossible to make. Thus, the Vietnamese can work in the construction sector, production plants and warehouses. One of the labour market sector to which the employees from Vietnam may be directed are farms.


Employees from Vietnam

Vietnam, compared to India, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, is the most developed, taking into account the shipyard industry. A very long coastline and the related therewith number of the production companies – international concerns, allowed the employees to obtain high qualifications. Among the Vietnamese working in the shipyard industry you may find the specialists in the professions such as welder and machine operator. The international concerns make it possible for the employees to broad their professional experience and they teach communication in English.

Workers from Vietnam - shipyard

Procedure of employment of the employees from Vietnam is a bit longer, however it ensures stability of employment in a company

A huge advantage of reaching for the labour force from Asia is devotion of the employee to the employer, which results in a positive effect – an improvement of HR stability at an enterprise.

A Vietnamese commencing work in Polish enterprise has to receive an employment agreement in writing, for a definite period of at least one year. The employer is obliged to provide the employee remuneration at the level of at least of the Polish minimum national wage. The employees arriving from Vietnam have also to have the accommodation provided. The basis for employment of the employee is obtaining of a work permit. The permit enables the Vietnamese to commence working for a given entrepreneur.

Prior to the lapse of the period of the first obtained work permit (usually prior to the lapse of one year), the procedure of extension of the permit shall be carried out (for the period of 3 years).

Importing of the employees from Vietnam is expensive and time consuming, due to the binding bureaucracy. In the case of wishing to bring the Vietnamese to work in Poland, it would be the best to make use of the services of our Work Agency WORKSOL. The qualified employees will supervise the whole process, so as the whole process would take place quickly and what’s most important, legally.



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